A reminder to Waldo residents that the annual town meeting will be held on Saturday, March 26. There will be a breakfast and discussion at 8 a.m.; the town meeting will begin at 9 a.m. I’m looking forward to an update on when our dirt roads will be repaired and where things are with the broadband efforts.

Some of the surrounding towns have done more to fill in ruts with rock, and not just grading the road. It is clear what a difference it makes. I was¬†hoping we would get the same treatment on our roads here, but we haven’t seen any repair work in some time.

If you’d like to support higher education for Waldo seniors, or advanced job training for Waldo citizens, please consider a good will donation to the Rena Whitney Scholarship, which is managed by the Waldo Boosters. Checks can be made out to Rena Whitney Scholarship and mailed it to: Gregory Coleman, 98 Waterville Road, Waldo, ME 04915. For more information you can call Greg Coleman at 342-5646.

The robins are back, as are flocks of finches. I saw a pair of snow buntings flitting about the fields when I was out running one day. We have had some bright red cardinals come back to the feeders as well. Our tulips and daffs are even popping up, which seems particularly early. It is only right after the intense cold we had this year. I have some fancy bulbs out in the field that I will put up for sale in the farm stand if they come up this year.

Spring is certainly in the air; enjoy it!

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