BELFAST — Belfast Senior College’s spring semester starts with a single-session class on Friday, March 25. That is followed by 10 other morning and afternoon courses beginning Monday, April 4, and the semester continues through the middle of May. All classes are available on Zoom and registration is open.

Single-session noontime brown bag lunch classes begin March 25 with Amy Tingle, Waterfall Arts program director, answering the question, “What’s Happening at Waterfall Arts?” Other such sessions this semester are “We Aren’t What We Think We Are” with Mark Salwasser on Monday, April 4; “Setting Up Your Advance Health Care Plan” with Flic Shooter and the Palliative Players on Monday, April 14; and “Ranked Choice Voting in Maine” Monday, April 18, with Lane Sturtevant. These sessions are free.

Two six-week courses Senior College suggests are of particular interest are “Russia, Ukraine and the World,”led by longtime instructor Dick Topping, about what has led up to the current international crisis and where it might lead, and “Water: Chemistry, Physics and Law,” led by veteran instructor Fred Bowens. Both begin Thursday, April 7.

Topping, a former CIA intelligence analyst with 30 years’ experience as a “Russia-hand” and “Kremlin Watcher,” coincidentally planned his course before Russia’s invasion began at the end of February. Bowers, who holds a Ph.D. in forest soils, worked for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for nearly 30 years. Both instructors live in Belfast.

Other courses include John McClenahen’s conversation about Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass,”  an exploration of the life and death of Jesus led by Deirdre Good, a consideration of women Nobel Prize literature laureates with Nancy Perkins, Monica Morris with an introduction to making glass mosaics, Marjorie Arnett’s “Squiggly Line” course on creating a whole new world of expression by playing with pencil, paper, markers, and more, and Antoinette Pimentel offering a course in cooperation with Coastal Senior College that studies the victory of Impressionist painters over the French Academy.

University of Maine Hutchinson Center provides Zoom services for Senior College, which is an independent, all-volunteer nonprofit organization. Its spring semester begins in April, the summer semester takes place in June, July and August, and the fall semester begins in September. The membership fee for the full year is $25 and multi-session course fees are $27 or $37.

Online membership and class registration are available at

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