BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded from March 10 through March 16 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds.


Sharon A. Werner to Sonja R. Beal.

Lynnette D. Sproch to Hummer Real Estate Holdings LLC.

Catherine Anne Gilmore to Brian L. Fletcher.

Michelle Ridley to Kim Blake.

Amber Nicole Corbin and Amber Gordon to Brock Gordon.

Belfast Water District to Nordic Aquafarms Inc.

Robert B. Lazare and Karen Lazare to Brian Keith Hersh and Monika Foster.

Henry S. Lawler Dr. Living Trust to Chase Morin and Alieshia Elwell.

Penobscot Community Health Center to Belfast Water District.

Mark F. Burns to Helen G. Burns.


Arthur Hashinsky Est. to Eliana F. LaCroix.


Laurie Ann Grindle to Laurie Ann Grindle and Bethany Grindle.

Earl R. Anderson to Toby Farrington and Cindy L. Farrington.


Joseph Lee Richardson Sr. and Gail Lynn Richardson to Heidi Smith.

Joseph Lee Richardson Sr. and Gail Lynn Richardson to Joseph Lee Richardson Jr. and Pamela Jean Richardson.


Nicholas Porter and Nicole Porter to Oliver Venezia.

Daniel Smith and Robin Smith to Cyrus Daniel and Robin Lynn Smith Joint Declaration of Trust.


David W. St. Clair to Robert C. Mulvey and Tammie M. Mulvey.

Forest E. Peaslee Jr. Est. to Linda L. Peaslee.


Dana R. Woods to Dana R. Woods and Tara Woods.

Patricia A. Pease Living Trust to Charles L. Nier and Melissa D. Nier.

New ERA 2014 LLC to Steven A. Buono and Karen A. Buono.


Helen G. Burns to Mark F. Burns.


Allens Blueberry Freezer Inc. to Joseph Hudak and Sarah Hudak.


Claire L. VonGrimmenstein to David George Downey.

Nancy Biscone to Jonathan K. Ellis Revocable Trust of 1998.


Belfast Water District to City of Belfast.


David Basti and Hansie A. Grignon to Scott Firth Wilkinson and Annesley Beringer.

Peter G. Kallan and Barbara Kallan to Melissa Kallan.


Marilyn R. Wing and Ernest H. Wing Sr. to Wing Family Trust.

Marilyn R. Wing and Ernest H. Wing Sr. to Barbara W. Snow.


Christine Polonka to Beverly J. Clark.

Clarence A. Littlefield and Madeline O. Littlefield to William M. Littlefield and Scott A. Littlefield.


Carol S. Ginandes to Elizabeth A. Smith.

Aedan Norvlaan to Beata Norvlaan.


Bruce A. Mailloux and Rebecca H. Mailloux to Nathan A. Howard and Jana R. M. Howard.

James L. Richards Jr. and Elyzabeth M. Richards to Leslie B. Roberts II.


Helen M. Sahadi to John David Leaming.

Shawna A. Aitken to Nicholas R. Johnston and Anora S. Johnston.


William C. Simpson Est. to Cypress Management LLC.


Laureen J. Hope to Sheila Beach.


William J. Jamison to Belinda S. Jamison.

Wesley L. Bass Est. to Goldie L. Hall.

Tami Hussey and Tami Thibodeau to My Vault LLC.