BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded from March 17 through March 23 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds.


Cooper Ridge Properties LLC to Elizabeth Ellsworth and Jamie Kruse.

Dijana Alickovic to Peter J. Gemma.

Barbara W. Walls to Barbara K. Briggs and Paul R. Briggs.

Highview Terrace LLC to Kryzsztof Zalewski and Joanne Zalewski.


Joseph N. Bellerose and Adriana B. Bellerose to Joseph N. Bellerose and Adriana B. Bellerose.

Joseph N. Bellerose and Adriana B. Bellerose to James W. Nolan.


Town of Frankfort to Jeffrey Anderson.

TD Bank NA, Troy Q. Patterson and Quentin T Patterson to TD Bank NA.

Ronald L. Baker Est. to Alexander L. Baker.

Ronald L. Baker Est. to Alexander L. Baker.

Ronald L. Baker Est. to Alexander L. Baker.

Ronald L. Baker Est. to Alexander L. Baker.

Ronald L. Baker Est. to Alexander L. Baker.

Eden S. Stuart to Beverly Marden and Victor Marden.


Jonathan K. Shaw and Jennifer L. Chagnon to Jonathan K. Shaw and Jennifer L. Chagnon.

Dale Hoskins and Michelle Hoskins to Autumn G. Smith and Rachel Nolin Alder.

Frances Louise Walker and Frances L. Rugg to Frances Louise Silenzi Walker Living Trust.


Charles W. Bartlett to Susan Crater.

Leland H. Towle to Leland H. Towle Revocable Trust.

Peter S. Coombs to Jacob Peter Coombs.

Megan Claire Evelyn Didavi to Kyle George Clayton III.


Joann Nowaski, Donna Kennedy Schrang, Donna Kennedy, Margaret Quinlan, Eugene Quinlan, Bernard Kennedy and Ellen McWilliams to Jamey Rabold and Andrea Rabold.

Michael H. Welch and Candice S. Welch to Evan S. Welch.


Justin A Palmer to Elizabeth M. Cox.


Evelyn R. Wentworth to Lance D. Oliver.


Barbara A. Sylvester to Michelle Drake.


James W. Pendleton to Lori Meservey.

John D. Orland to John D. Orland.

Steven A. Case and Margaret E. Case to Susan Berliner and Mary E. Gunn.

Jeanne B. Tuttle and Thomas F. Tuttle to Jeanne B. Tuttle.


Brian G. Tolman to Brian G. Tolman, Colleen I. Chisholm-Tolman and Erica R. Tolman.


Dean A. Jackson to Ryan D. Jackson.


Peter J. Rackliffe to Sarah Rackliffe Bosk and Matthew Paaro Bosk.

Drew E. Martens to MCM Properties LLC.


Paul Nougaret to Frank Andrew Vietze.


Sheryl A. Cummings to Christopher L. McIntire and Linda R. McIntire.

Robbins & Pomeroy Land Development Inc. to Carter Farm Realty Trust.

Edman Irrevocable Real Estate Trust Cust to Cindy L. Carr.


Millennium Trust Company LLC Cust to Paul Wesson Peterson.

Town of Stockton Springs to Vern P. Thompson.

Town of Stockton Springs to Daniel J. Ford.

Town of Stockton Springs to Stockton Woodlands Corporation.

Robert C. Wren to Michael F. Sessa.

Lee Woodward Jr. and Tonne Lee Woodward to Dawn Staples-Knoxand Andrew Knox.

Elaine P. Ward to ShirleyJ. Bishop and Shirley J. Partrodge.


Robert W. Cain to Matthew Cain.


Ernest J. Duhaime, Joseph Ricci, Normand R. Duhaime, James R. Jeranka Jr, Justina Saunders, Hobart Saunders III, Lauri Utterback and Norman R. Duhaime to BRD LLC.

Henry L. Chaffee Sr. Est. to Kathleen R. Chaffee.


William C. Simpson Est. to James Simpson and Daniel Simpson.

Peter G. Farnsworth, Leesa M. Farnsworth and Leesa M. Cook to Rebecca De La Rosa and Anais Duran.


Scott L. MacLeod and Joan Light to Scott L. MacLeod and Sherry L. MacLeod.


Paul F. Brayton and Barry J. Grindle to Barry J. Grindle.

Barry J. Grindle to Winterport Steamship Company LLC.

Levesque Properties LLC to Kathlene B. Prybylla and Colleen T. Moore.