BATH — After having the 2020 season abruptly halted and 2021 campaign never get off the ground, Pine Tree Wrestling League teams, including five from the Midcoast, were thrilled to be back on the mat for 2022, a year that included a handful of regular-season meets, as well as the coveted regional and league championships.

The culmination of the season came on Saturday, April 2 at Morse High School, as Dirigo of Dixfield won the middle school crown, while Camden-Rockport finished fourth, Troy Howard of Belfast ninth, Mount View of Thorndike 20th, Medomak Valley of Waldoboro tied for 21st and Oceanside of Rockland 24th.

Medomak’s Cole Bales, top, and Skowhegan’s Joseph Howe. Photo by Mark Haskell

The Schooners had won the East title the previous week.

Individually, one young Midcoast student-athlete — CRMS’ Justin Batty — brought home a title at 145 pounds. Batty finished 18-0 and also earned a regional crown.

A handful of other area grapplers finished among the top four, including four second places.

Camden-Rockport’s Hayden Clark, top, and Mountain Valley’s Kaydn Hansen. Photo by Mark Haskell

The team scores were: Dirigo 178, Somerhill 122, Mount Blue of Farmington 90, Camden-Rockport 82.5, Monmouth/Richmond 74, Mattanawcook of Lincoln 70, Skowhegan 65, Messalonsee of Oakland (independent) 64, Troy Howard 58.5, Cony of Augusta 57, Lisbon of Lisbon Falls-Oak Hill of Wales 54.5, Winslow 38, Gardiner 23.5, Nokomis of Newport 20, Bath 20, Mountain Valley of Rumford 19, Waterville (independent) 18, Mount Ararat of Topsham 16, Ellsworth 13, Mount View 12.5, Bangor 6, Bucksport 6, Medomak 6 and Oceanside 3.

The league includes 22 teams, with independent wrestlers who represent other schools.

The top-four finishers for area wrestlers at the PTWL final included:

Camden-Rockport — Justin Batty (1st at 145 pounds), Reilly Turner-Watts (2nd at 155), Ethan Dingle (3rd at 111), Keegan Kelly (4th at 75 pounds) and Gage Esancy (4th at 87).

Troy Howard’s Dominic Kyser, back, and Winslow’s Liam McKenney. Photo by Mark Haskell

Troy Howard — Dominic Cummings (2nd at 93), Noah Parenteau (2nd at 99), Brian Lemar (2nd at 145) and Dominic Kyser (4th at 81 pounds).

Additionally, for the league’s sportsmanship awards, Medomak was best in the East and Mountain Valley in the West.

The individual weight class results for Midcoast wrestlers at the league championship meet were:

75 pounds — Keegan Kelly, CR, beat Kadence Fogg, Som, 9-2; was pinned by Scout Engleright, MountVal, at 1:52; pinned Angel Gagnon, Nok, at 2:42; and lost to Jace Goodrow, MtB, 5-3 in overtime, in the consolation final. Kelly finished fourth.

Oceanside’s Carter Elliott, left, and Mount Blue’s Braden Hughes. Photo by Mark Haskell

81 pounds — Dominic Kyser, TH, was pinned by Vincent Chapman, Dir, at 1:28; won by major decision over Liam McKenney, Win, 12-0; beat Isaac Garland, MtB, 5-2; and was pinned by Vincent Chapman, Dir, at 0:58 in the consolation final. Kyser finished fourth.

Carter Elliott, Ocean, lost to by major decision to Isaac Garland, MtB, 10-0; and was pinned by Braden Hughes, MountVal, at 2:13.

87 pounds — Gage Esancy, CR, was pinned by Sawyer Lufkin, Dir, at 3:26; pinned Dylan Dittrich, Bath, at 1:52; pinned Elijah Tinkle, Ban, at 1:49; and lost to Sawyer Lufkin, Dir, 9-5, in the consolation final. Esancy finished fourth.

Jacob Evans, TH, was pinned by Isaak Anokye, Som, at 2:25; beat Keygan Boucher, MountVal, 12-6; and lost to Sawyer Lufkin, Dir, 4-2.

Camden-Rockport’s Keegan Kelly, left, and Messalonskee’s Scout Engleright. Photo by Mark Haskell

93 pounds — Dominic Cummings, pinned Azuz Alibrahim, Con, at 0:54; pinned Hayden Clark, CR, at 0:50; and lost to Bennett Harper, Matt, 4-0, in the championship final. Cummings finished second.

Hayden Clark, CR, pinned Kaydn Hansen, MountVal, at 3:15; was pinned by Dominic Cummings, TH, at 0:50; and was pinned by Bradyn Ellis, Skow, at 2:20.

99 pound — Noah Parenteau, TH, won by technical fall over Catori Watson, MountVal, 15-0; won by major decision over Connor Jenny, Lis/OH, 8-0; and was pinned by Preston Garland, MtB, at 3:48 in the championship final. Parenteau finished second.

Medomak’s Nathan Staples. Photo by Mark Haskell

Nick Bowman, Med, was pinned by Preston Garland, MtB, at 0:43; and was pinned by Garcie Maguire, Buck, at 1:00.

105 pounds — Nathan Staples, Med, was pinned by Brooklyn Webber, MtB, at 0:32; pinned Ryan Young, Buck, at 1:55; and lost by major decision to Wyatt Ellis, Skow, 12-4.

Aiden Penney, TH, was pinned by Chase Robbins, Dir, at 0:42; and was pinned by Jovin Pesek, Ells, at 0:33.

Mount View’s Oden Pontillo, left, and Mount Valley’s Zack Spitzer. Photo by Mark Haskell

111 pounds — Ethan Dingle, CR, was pinned by Evan Madigan, Som, at 1:05; pinned Riley Mooney, Con, at 1:55; pinned Austyn Frost, Mess, at 2:04; and beat Bryce Whitman, Win, 11-9, in the consolation final. Dingle finished third.

Shane Goguen, MtV, was pinned by Austyn Frost, Mess, at 0:03; pinned Colby Benner, Med, at 0:15; and was pinned by Bryce Whitman, Win, at 1:55.

Colby Benner, Med, was pinned by Caiden Skidgell, Dir, at 1:05; and was pinned by Shane Goguen, MtV, at 0:15.

Oceanside’s Wyatt Banow, left, and Nokomis’ Roger Leonforte.

117 pounds — Wyatt Banow, Ocean, was pinned by Isaac Adams, Lis/OH, at 2:30; and was pinned by Roger Leonforte, Nok, at 0:41.

123 pounds — Dustin Dodge, CR, lost to Les Ridley, Mess, 8-6; won by technical fall over Nathan Legere, Med, 18-2; and was pinned by A.J. Ward, MtA, at 2:03.

Nathan Legere, Med, was pinned by Colt Saxon, Mon/Rich, at 0:35; and lost by technical fall to Dustin Dodge, CR, 18-2.

Troy Howard’s Jacob Evans, right, and Somerhill’s Isaak Anokye. Photo by Mark Haskell

Bryce Gushee-Brown, Ocean, was pinned by A.J. Ward, MtA, at 1:20; pinned Jackson Powell, Win, at 0:53; and was pinned by Les Ridley, Mess, at 4:29.

130 pounds — Ryder Lombardo, CR, was pinned by Lucas Dail, Lis/OH, at 0:23; pinned Oliver Leonforte, Nok, at 2:37; and was pinned by Logan Campbell, Win, at 0:16.

Camden-Rockport’s Marc Galvez, front, and Monmouth/Richmond’s Noah Schultz. Photo by Mark Haskell

137 pounds — Marc Galves, CR, was pinned by Noah Schultz, Mon/Rich, at 4:01; pinned Owen Buchanan, TH, at 2:06; and was pinned by Anderson St. Onge, Con, at 0:37.

Owen Buchanan, TH, was pinned by Shamus Pease, Som, at 0:17; and was pinned by Marc Galvez, CR, at 2:06.

145 pounds — Justin Batty, CR, pinned Evan Bullock, Gard, at 1:13; pinned Cory Trail, Skow, at 1:52; and beat Brian Lemar, TH, 3-1, in the championship final. Batty finished first.

Brian Lemar, TH, pinned Noah Carney, Bath, at 0:39; pinned Grady Pease, Som, at 3:46; and lost to Justin Batty, CR, 3-1, in the championship final. Lemar finished second.

155 pounds — Reilly Turner-Watts, CR, pinned Liam Schleis-Hooyman, Con, at 2:05; beat Austin Graf, Lis/OH, 6-2; and was pinned by Tanner Bradeen, Dir, at 2:33 in the championship final. Turner-Watts finished second.

Chase Kenney, MtV, was pinned by Alden Eosco, Bath, at 0:08; won by technical fall over Joe Rishani, Buck, 17-0; and was pinned by Austin Graf, Lis/OH, at 1:10.

170 pounds — Cole Bales, Med, was pinned by Joseph Howe, Skow, at 0:13; pinned Adrian Small, Ocean, at 1:29; and was pinned by Nemo Thompkins, Matt, at 2:58.

Adrian Small, Ocean, was pinned by Daymion LeBlanc, Mess, at 2:23; and was pinned by Cole Bales, Med, at 1:29.

195 pounds — Emmett Milliken, CR, was pinned Waleed Jamo, Con, at 0:50; and lost by major decision to A.J. Buck, Nok, 10-2.

Chad Cole, MtV, lost to Gabe Belanger, Mess, 7-5; pinned Eric Nason, TH, at 2:17; and was pinned by Payson Bowling, Bath, 1:18.

Eric Nason, TH, was pinned by Jason Aubin, Skow, at 0:55; and was pinned by Chade Cole, MtV, at 2:17.

240 pounds — Josh Martz, Med, was pinned by Kaiden Brown, Con, at 1:02; and was pinned by Zack Spitzer, MountVal, at 0:20.

Oden Pontillo, MtV, pinned Zack Spitzer, MountVal, at 2:21; was pinned by Kaiden Brown, Con, at 0:11; and lost by default to Dakota Birch, Ells.