I ordered heating oil to top off my tank and was gobsmacked by sticker shock. What a little more than one year ago cost $2.35 per gallon now costs more than $7 per gallon. Instead of topping off the tank, I decided to buy the minimum amount that they would sell me.

Then going to the store, I saw a package of sliced ham for more than $6. A 75-foot roll of standard thickness aluminum foil was more than $7. I declined to buy either. I’d rather go out and shoot a woodchuck and smoke it and pretend it is ham.

Up until now, the full impact of our “self-inflicted flu” hadn’t fully grabbed me, but now it certainly has. I am able to fish, forage, garden and hunt, so I won’t go hungry. My concern is for others; people on fixed incomes or with limited resources, who can’t get out and do as I do.

We are at a time when just filling the gas tank in your car or truck represents a major investment. If we can make it through the summer, perhaps we’ll see a change come fall. We can only hope and pray.

Perchin’ Prediction

Enough gloom and doom. It’s spring, and trout are biting in brooks and streams. By the time this issue gets into mailboxes, the high water from last Friday’s deluge will have subsided and conditions should be favorable for anglers. Spring rains have the effect of washing foodstuff into the water, stirring hungry trout into feeding sprees.

Sunrise Service

All are invited to the Easter Sunrise Service of the Frankfort Congregational Church, to be held at the old Freedom Motors parking lot across from Mendall Marsh on Route 1A in Frankfort. The service begins just at sunrise, which occurs at 5:47 a.m. Holy communion will be served. A potluck breakfast back at the church vestry follows the sunrise service. Then at 9 a.m., our regular Easter service will be held.