In last week’s column I did not have space to note the other candidates in Freedom’s other “local” race. For our state senate seat (all of Waldo County), the Democratic candidate is incumbent Chip Curry; the Republican candidate is Freedom’s current term-limited state representative, Maryanne Kinney.

The Bangor Daily News lists our state senate race as one Maine’s “battleground” senate races (one of the races that could be competitive enough to help decide which political party controls the Maine Legislature), but as far as I can tell, unfortunately their conclusion lacks any reasoning whatsoever. They note that Senator Curry won his 2020 race by nine points – not exactly a nailbiter. You online readers can read the article here and decide for yourself.

Ok, enough of politics.

The Waldo County Humane Society will hold a free rabies clinic on Saturday April 30, from 9 to 11 a.m. at the Brooks Fire Station. For further information about the clinic call 852-5033 or 323-6308.

A beaver has taken residence in my backyard pond and has started making some sort of lodge on the center island. Catherine and I have named him “Bob” for no reason whatsoever. We enjoy watching him swim around the pond, and track his progress in making his home. He lets us know when we get too close to the water’s edge by slapping his tail, diving underwater, and reemerging somewhere on the other side of the pond. He moved in one day after the pond completely thawed, and shares it with turtles, frogs, and other wildlife that has emerged with the changing season.