AUGUSTA — The Office of the Attorney General issued its report April 8 on an incident Nov. 26, 2019, in Thorndike in which Trooper Thomas Bureau II shot Eric Fitzpatrick, who was 33 at the time, in the abdomen. The report concludes that Bureau was justified in shooting at Fitzpatrick.

Bureau and Trooper Luke Martin were called to Fitzpatrick’s home around 10:40 that night in 2019, because of an 911 call from his ex-wife, with whom he was living. According to the report, she told the dispatcher that Fitzpatrick was “freaking out on her and (was) trying to tase her.” As they were on their way to the home, the troopers were informed that the ex-wife was in a car in the driveway and Fitzpatrick was trying to break the window of the vehicle.

When they arrived, the report says, Fitzpatrick’s ex-wife told the officers he was inside, but that there was a back door. She confirmed that he had no firearms, only two TASERs. Eventually, Fitzpatrick came and stood in the doorway, aiming a TASER and what appeared to be a pistol at Martin, who moved back to take cover in some trees.

When Bureau spoke to Fitzpatrick to draw his attention away from Martin, Fitzpatrick pointed both his weapons at Bureau and Bureau fired at him twice, wounding him and causing what the report calls, “significant damage to his liver.” Fitzpatrick survived his injury.

The troopers went inside, handcuffed Fitzpatrick and administered first aid, according to the report. They found he had a Glock pellet pistol, a TASER and a pepper spray gun that looked like a handgun, mace and handcuffs.

Fitzpatrick was later indicted for criminal threatening and terrorizing with a dangerous weapon. In a plea agreement June 15, 2021, he was convicted of criminal threatening and sentenced to three years in prison, which was suspended with two years’ probation on the conditions he submit to psychological counseling and treatment, have no contact with his ex-wife and other conditions.

He was convicted the same day of domestic violence terrorizing that occurred in April 2021. He was sentenced to three years in prison, suspended with two years’ probation.

The report’s conclusion states that at the time, Bureau, “reasonably believed that Mr. Fitzpatrick was about to use illegal deadly force against him when he aimed a TASER and what appeared to be a handgun at him.” It further states that “All the facts and circumstances point to the conclusion that Trooper Bureau acted in defense of self and others when he shot Mr. Fitzpatrick.”