BELFAST — The county Emergency Management Agency is in need of amateur radio operators and anyone experienced with two-way radios. Radio operators can operate radio equipment in local emergency operations centers, fire stations, emergency shelters, the hospital and on the road. Anyone interested in volunteering at the county or in their town can contact the EMA office at 338-3870 or call 147.27+.

The county EMA is supported by the Waldo Civil Defense Association, a nonprofit organization created to provide a local network of preppers — citizens who are interested and active in family and community preparedness. The Waldo Civil Defense Association is a self-help prepper community that shares knowledge, skills and resources with each other and those interested in learning more about prepping. Anyone interested can reach out to WCDA through the EMA office.

For more information, contact Waldo County EMA at 338-3870,, or visit the county EMA website at: The office is at 4 Public Safety Way.