April 18, 1845

The Railroad.—The public interest in the contemplated Railroad from this place to Quebec, continues as prominently as the warmest friends of the enterprise could desire. A very large meeting was held on Thursday last, at which a committee of three was chosen to select a committee of nine, authorized to appoint an agent to proceed to Quebec, and to transact all necessary preliminary business in the enterprise. The following gentlemen were appointed:—Messrs. Joseph Williamson, Ralph C. Johnson, Rowland Carlton, James P. White, Rufus B. Allyn, Salathiel H. Nickerson, John S. Kimball, Josiah Farrow, and Benj. Brown.

April 18, 1856

“That’s So!”—New clothes are great promoters of piety. A new bonnet or a new dress will induce a girl to go to church at least twice on a Sunday, where she did not go once before she got it.

April 17, 1868

There was a fine display of Northern Lights on Monday  night—a sign of cold weather!

It is a great misfortune to lose a dinner. So thought a family in this city, when the vender [sic] left the materials on the doorstep, because he couldn’t get in, and the lady of the house returned just in time to see some vagrant dogs licking their chops over the last of it!

April 17, 1879

Last week Belfast had two kinds of flounders—those in the river, and those in the drifts of new fallen snow.

It wasn’t the pecking of spring birds which you heard at the windows on Friday morning, but the clicking of the hail—and it wasn’t hailed with pleasure.

April 17, 1890

Lobsters are very scarce in our bay this spring, doubtless from the fact that they have been fished for all winter for the past two years. Last week a Belfast man who had down fifty traps only got twenty-four pounds of lobsters at one hauling.

April 20, 1911

The people of the Head of the Tide, who are without apparatus for fighting fire, petitioned for the old hand tub and at a meeting of the fire department last Friday evening it was voted to examine the tub and if it can be repaired so as to give good service to send it to the Head of the Tide, provided the people in that vicinity can raise a company to handle it, and this will no doubt be done.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, reference & special collections librarian at the Belfast Free Library.

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