SEARSPORT — Penobscot Marine Museum has transformed their Fowler-True-Ross Sea Captain’s House into a venue for telling the stories of Searsport men, women, and children at sea. At Home, At Sea: Searsport’s Maritime Stories is a new permanent exhibit that opens May 27. Each room of the historic house will focus on a different aspect of life at sea and at home.

At Home, At Sea explores the many ways Searsport families connected with the sea — including those who maintained Searsport as their homeport, those engaged in the shipping industry, and those who took their families to sea. It shows how families at sea remained connected to loved ones back home, how the Searsport community experienced loss and misfortune as well as miraculous rescues, and how the crew aboard ship lived and worked. The exhibit uses objects, photographs, archives, and family stories from the Museum’s collection to tell these stories.

Visitors to the new exhibit will recognize many of the Searsport family names. The staid patriarch and matriarch Phineas and Nancy Pendleton, with their stories of War of 1812 hardships, will be joined by grandson Frank Irving Pendleton in his samurai outfit from a voyage in the China Trade, and great-grandson Irving Erskine Pendleton who came of age when Searsport’s participation in the shipping industry had ended. Joanna and Lincoln Colcord will tell the story of a childhood in the China Trade through letters, objects, and photographs. The Dow-Eaton family, with their extensive collection of letters, China Trade goods, and paintings, will tell the story of love, life, and loss.

The community connections between Searsport families, through photographs and letters, will emphasize how Searsport natives more frequently saw their neighbors in foreign ports than on the streets of Searsport. The summer kitchen will be turned over to the crew, whose stories will be told through work songs, stories, and games. This section of the house will have hands-on activities and interactives while visitors wait for the next guided tour of the house.

At Home, At Sea: Searsport’s Maritime Stories has been funded by grants and through gifts from the many Searsport sea captains’ descendants committed to telling this story.