BELFAST — The following deed transfers were recorded from April 7 through April 13 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds.


Cannon Fodder LLC to Old Belfast Bank LLC.

Bert P. Skinner Jr. to J. Skinner and Helen Skinner.

Andrew Paul Darling, Kent Owen Darling, Joshua Aaron Darling and Kimberly Ann Weaver to GEL Properties LLC.

William L. Jarrell and Diane S. Jarrell to William L. Jarrell.

Jenny Davis to Amy Adamson.

Amy Adamson to Jenny Davis.

Warren Lloyd Batchelder Jr. Est. to Jason Batchelder.


Homes Unlimited LLC and E&T Homes LLC to Kim R. Lessard Giasson and Allan F, Mackey.


Town of Brooks to Daniel Lane.

Emery L. Whitcomb and Roberta J. Whitcomb to Roxanne D. Ashey, Roxanne D. Whitcomb and Emery L. Whitcomb.


Carol A. Richards to Kevin Stevens and Angela Stevens.


Stacey Powell and Alice Powell to Jacob L. Powell.


Edwin L. Ingraham Jr. to Nathaniel Taynter Hall.


Andrea L. Clifford and Judith E. Hall to Andrea L. Clifford.

Edward G. Mayer, Elizabeth D. Mayer and Isabel E. Mayer to William R. Mayer.


Jason Hearst to Alexander T. Cohen and Kathryn D. Cohen.

Barbara L. A. Richards to Richard Butler and Kandise Butler.

Phineas Ellis Gray III and Mindy Poston Gay to Phineas E. Gay III 2013 Est.

John L. Bias to Sharon Brunette and Stanley W. Peterson Jr.

New Era 2014 LLC to Jeffrey William Chakirelis.

Lincolnville Beach Trust to David A. Newton.

David A. Newton to David A. & Margaret C. Newton 2021 Trust.


Bucktail LLC to Desiree A. Williams.


Eloise Elwell to Eric J. Madachik.


Robert B. Keller and Marie E. Keller to Robert B. Keller 2003 Trust.


Tina Marriner to Kristen L. Hart and Deja S. Hart.


East Coast Residential Inc. to Judith Biscaia.


Glendon Mehuren to Elida M. Dickey and Austin N. Dickey.


Destioney R. Pinkham to Mary-Jenna Marie Oliver and Gregory Allen Bucklin.

Christopher M. Worth to Joseph A. Holbrooks.

Lawrence M. Ray Est. to Janine M Chiusano.

John H. Ambrose Jr. Living Trust to Mary Ann Ordelt and Thomas Ordelt.

Sheryl A. Cummings to Christopher L. McIntire and Linda R. McIntire.


Spiros Augustus Polemis and Betty Tucker Parker to Thomas Benjamin Greenlaw.


David A. Nielson and Paula B. Nielson to Roy A. White.


Peter A. Taliaferro and Ilaria S. Taliaferro to Peter A. Tiliaferro.

Aaron J. Curtis and Angela M. Curtis to Jeremy J. Bragg and Deborah D. Bragg.


Maga Limited LLC to RC Properties LLC.

Brian Warman and Lynn Warman to Eric Nelson Warman and Emma Mae Warman.


Eric D. Elling wood to Eric D. Ellingwood and Caitlin M. Ellingwood.

Julie A. McvCluskey and Edward J. McCluskey to John Walker.

Joshua Knipping to Shelly K. Farris and Joshua Knipping.