Our chance

The history of how the indigenous peoples of Maine have been treated is not something to be proud of. The Wabanaki tribes have been cheated and lied to by our government. However, there is now a chance to help mitigate the treatment they have received. Federally recognized tribes have the ability to govern themselves according to their culture and customs in all states but Maine. Here they are treated as municipalities, giving no real power to tribal leadership.

The majority of Maine people want to change this by granting them sovereignty. The bill proposing this change, LD 1626, has been passed by both chambers in the Legislature, reflecting the will of the people. One person, Gov. Mills, stands in the way of making that happen by threatening to veto this bill when it reaches her desk. This is not how it should be.

I urge you to write to Gov. Mills, letting her know how you feel about this bill. Now is the time. Next week will be too late. What legacy do you want to leave to your children? What is the voice you wish to be heard?

Michael Schaab