BELFAST — Concerned about rapidly rising fuel prices? Are your windows drafty? Insulating window inserts from the nonprofit WindowDressers can make your home more comfortable. The organization’s volunteer team is now accepting orders for the fall build season.

Starting this year, the Searsport and Belfast organizing teams are merging their resources to better support the need in Waldo County for these affordable window inserts. The 2022 build will take place at the Boathouse in Belfast Nov. 9-22.

WindowDressers has received a donation from the Caring Fund of St. Brendan the Navigator Parish, Camden, that will be used to defray the costs for those in need, so candidates for the inserts are urged to contact the group even if concerned about ability to pay. Interested households should sign up right away at or call 596-3073 for more information.

WindowDressers’ insulating window inserts fit inside existing windows to let in all the sunlight and views while keeping more heat inside the home. The inserts are built of attractive pine frames wrapped tightly with a durable polyolefin film to create clear views through an insulating air space. Foam weather stripping around the outer edges stops drafts and aids the insert’s tight, custom fit.

The inserts are installed from inside the windows and held in place by friction. Depending on the efficiency of the windows and home, residents could see fuel savings of up to 20% with inserts in place, according to a press release from WindowDressers.

The windows are removable and reusable, with an expected life of 10 or more years. Pricing is based on window size, and remains low as the windows are built by all-volunteer labor. Everyone who orders inserts is encouraged to participate in the community build.

Over the past seven years, the Belfast and Searsport teams combined have produced over 5,700 inserts and improved over 680 homes, according to the press release. As fuel prices climb and concerns over climate change escalate, these windows are an attractive, low-cost opportunity to reduce heating costs and CO2 emissions, the press release said.

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