BELFAST — Thirty students from Troy Howard Middle School, Capt. Albert Stevens School and Kermit Nickerson Elementary recently competed in the third and final regional Math Meet of this school year.

Three other school districts from Winslow, Warsaw and Searsport participated in the April 14 competition held at the China Lake Conference Center.

CASS “mathletes” celebrate after the April 14 meet. Courtesy of RSU 71

Awards are given to the top scoring students and top scoring teams at each grade level. All Regional School Unit 71 teams went home with team ribbons and 10 students placed in the top four at their grade level. Here is how RSU 71’s “mathletes” scored:

6th Grade Team Blue: 1st Place 

Miles Fleming, THMS 6th, 2nd Place Individual; Silas Ociepka, THMS 6th, 3rd Place Individual; Alex Miller, THMS 6th, 4th Place Individual; and Avery Gobin, THMS 6th.

6th Grade Team Green: 2nd Place 

Lucy Engstrom, THMS 6th, 1st Place Individual; Sophia Solebella, THMS 6th; Levi Marriner, THMS 6th; and Raygen Hogan, THMS 6th.

6th Grade Team Alternates

Doug Richards, THMS 6th; Wes Engstrom, CASS 4th; and Maximus Rollins, CASS 4th,

7th Grade Team Red – 1st Place 

Ibis Bird, THMS 7th, 2nd Place Individual; Bela Foley, THMS 7th, 3rd Place Individual; Emma Tripp, THMS 7th; Avery Adams, CASS 5th.

7th Grade Team Purple – 2nd Place 

Glenn Bitely, CASS 5th; Kaloyan Lozanov, CASS 5th; Pierson Dietz, CASS 5th, 4th Place Individual; Braylon Stover, Nickerson 5th.

7th Grade Alternates

Brody Baliki, THMS 7th; Soyoon Ahn, Nickerson 5th; and Rose White, Nickerson 5th.

8th Grade Team – 2nd Place

Misaki Kranendonk, THMS 8th, 1st Place Individual; Lydia Butler, THMS 8th, 2nd Place Individual; Nick Hicock, THMS 8th; Maxton Sinagra, CASS 4th, 4th Place Individual.

Awards were also earned for the season’s performance: 6th – Silas 3rd, Miles 2nd, and Lucy 1st; 7th – Glenn 5th, Yan 4th, Ibis 3rd, and Bella 2nd; and 8th – Maxton 4th, Lydia 3rd.

Math Team coaches were Nicholas Hills of THMS, Tish Manning of Nickerson ELP and Jacquie Gage of CASS ELP. They gave special thanks goes to the parent volunteers who helped the organizers with scoring.


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