SEARSPORT — Ian Cottrell, 15, is a sophomore at Searsport District High School, a member of the Student Council and Robotics Club, and a Stockton Springs resident. He is also a Boy Scout who is completing a restoration project at his high school to earn his Eagle Scout ranking.

Eagle Scout is the highest rank that a member of the Boy Scouts of America can earn. Individuals hoping to become an Eagle Scout need to demonstrate leadership and service abilities, as well as completing a project to help better your community.

“I’ve been in scouting for 10 years now,” Ian said, “and I’ve wanted to be an Eagle Scout ever since.” For his community service project, he plans to restore his high school’s courtyard, an underutilized space that he hopes students can use to enjoy nature.

The courtyard’s plants are few and far between, and it’s not maintained the way Ian visualizes. He explained that some students sit outside in the courtyard in the warmer months, but not very often. He hopes that his project will bring more students to the space.

Ian chose the courtyard restoration project because “it needed a lot of work,” and it provided the opportunity to “help out the school.” “I’m hoping to redo the walkway, add some plants in, take some plants out, rearrange, and put down fresh grass,” he said.

The Eagle Scout hopefully pitched his idea to the SDHS Board of Directors during its April 26 meeting, and received approval to go ahead. “I hope to have my project done by (the) beginning of next school year,” he said. The total restoration cost is around $2,000.

Anyone interested in helping Ian fund his Eagle Scout project can donate money directly to the Searsport District High School main office, contact Ian himself at, or drop off bottles at MT Redemption Center in Searsport, and explain they are for Ian Cottrell’s Eagle Scout Project.

About the future, Ian said, “I hope to help other people get to be Eagle Scouts.”