SEARSPORT — Rick DeCoyte and Sabrina DeTurk are the new owners of the Yardarm Motel, a roadside motel since 1951. Set next to the home of Marlboro Packard, a master shipbuilder who built the last and the largest ship, the William H. Connor, in Searsport, it is a landmark to Searsport residents and Route 1 travelers.

The Yardarm has 18 rooms of varying size and a stay comes with a complimentary continental breakfast in the house. But the motel office houses an entirely different business: printmaking.

DeCoyte has been a digital print maker since 1996. In fact, that is the name of his business. As “Digitalprintmaker,” he has a wide range of scanning equipment. For artists, his high-resolution scanner can reproduce a 20-by-30-inch print with incredible color. Original art can be scanned up to 48 by 72 inches!

For photographers, DeCoyte can restore old prints, scanning many of them at once. That is an advantage that makes saving family prints very reasonably priced without losing the original. Also, he can take a 3-by-3-inch Brownie camera photo and turn it into a larger photo such as an 8 by 10.

Combining lodging with artistry, the Yardarm owners are offering a photo (and artist) retreat that includes three-night accommodations and an exclusive guide to Midcoast and Down East locations. Guests leave with a finished portfolio of 10 archival prints from their adventures.

DeCoyte is no rookie at this. He has done work for the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Museum of Modern Art in New York, as well as princes in Dubai.

Yes, Dubai. So, what was it like living in Dubai? The couple and their daughter Violet spent seven years in the United Arab Emirates’ unique city. They found it to be a very safe, international community.  DeCoyte grew his business while DeTurk taught art history to women at the Emerati College. She said she found the lifestyle relatively lenient for women. She did not need to wear a head covering at school.

Yet her husband mentioned a time when he offered to put a large print job in the back of a women’s SUV. “It only required putting seats down to fit it, but she could not do that as she would have to ride in the front with her driver,” DeCoyte said. They said most women in Dubai had drivers, although some women did drive themselves.

On one hand, DeCoyte described Dubai as “Disneyland in the middle of the desert.” There are more Bugattis and Ferraris than you could imagine on the roadways, he said. The tallest building in the world is there, and also two of the largest shopping malls in the world. One has the largest aquarium, complete with sharks, that you are able to swim in. The other has the largest skating rink in the world. And don’t forget the largest fountain in the world.

On the other hand, the couple described the lifestyle of the poorer population — people who came from the Philippines, India and other countries to work in the service culture that supports the “Disneyland” lifestyle. Most of them were happy to have the jobs they did, such as maids, drivers and restaurant staff, because the life they left was so rooted in poverty.