The following deed transfers were recorded from April 28 through May 4 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


Cooper Ridge Properties LLC to Hanna E. Kowalska-Davis.

John Patrick Mullen and Brenda L. Mullen to Robert K. Kochan and April B. Kochan.

Blaine S. Webber to Robert K. Kochan and April B. Kochan.

Carol J. Ekberg 2002 Trust to Kerri M. Gaffett.

T R Dillon Logging Inc. to Anthony Jacovino and Christina DelSanto.


Lauritz K. Solheim Est. to Carl L. Solheim.


John B. Young and Lisa L. Young to John B Young, Lisa L. Young and Jesse R. Young.

Wayne Wright to Wessley Anderson and Cassie Lynn Anderson.


Douglas M. Frame Family Trust to Selby V. Frame and Barbara Frame Logan.

Phyllis G. Frame Trust to Selby V. Frame and Barbara Frame Logan.


Dale M. Hammond to Liana M. Hammond and Dale M. Hammond.

Timber Point Acquisitions LLC to Jonathan Curran and Emerald F. Wright.


David W. St. Clair, Sandra L. St. Clair, David St. Clair and Sandra St. Clair to David W. St. Clair and Sandra L. St. Clair.


Wayne E. Turner and Susan E. Turner to Sarah E. Turner and Andrew D. Kuhn.

Jeffry N. Davis and Jamie Davis to William E. Stoops Jr. and Ellen M. Stoops.

David W. St. Clair and Sandra St. Clair to Cassandra Horton.

Daniel W. McLean and Karen F. McLean, Daniel McLean and Karen McLean to Matthew Lawrence Mulligan and Diane Patricia Mulligan.


New ERA 2014 LLC to Napoleon DeBarros and Kathleen DeBarros.

Brian W. Beggarly to Mary B. Eddy.

Ronald Low Stefan Est. to Stacey Kimble-Lytton and Stacey Lytton.

James M. Rutland Family Trust to Anne K. Swanson.

Holly Phillips Est. to Jarica Weed and Samuel Cantlin.

Bruce C. Richards and Rebecca D. Richards to Jesse E. Richards.

Tanglewood Timber Company LLC to Samuel Madore.

Mark O’Donal to Ellis Cohn and Catherine Cohn.

James M. Rutland Family Trust to Brittany Soler.

Turid R. Njaa Revocable Trust and Turid R. Njaa to Njaa Grua LLC.


Tammy L. Thomas to Dustin Littlefield and Devan Doucette.

Bucktail LLC to Earl R. Anderson.


Michael L. Giggey and Janine S. Giggey to Susan Jaskela.

Fred D. Morine Est. to Trudy Morine and Dawn Shekkey Morine.


Gayle Y. Koyanagi to Gayle Y. Koyanagi and Drexell R. Whhite.

Paul C. Doody and Kristy Marie Doody to Stephen E. Hocheder Revocable Trust.

Charles W. Gerry II and Rachelle Cummings-Gerry to DS&J LLC.


Jeannine M. Nelson to Tracy R. Cardelli, Tammy J. Leeman and Tammy N. Leeman.

Tracy S. Urbaitis and Laura L. Urbaitis to Kyle Tozier and Emily Tozier.

SME2 Revocable Trust of 2021 to Jamie Hathaway and Susan Hathaway.


Richard J. Harriman Sr. to Cameron DePaola and Joshua Luce.


Edward N. Trevelyan and Debbie J. Mullin-Trevelyan to Uriah M. Hon.


Bryon P. Harriman Est. to Jessica Moody.

Acadia Rental Inc. to Hearth N. Kettle Properties Limited Partnership.

Stephanie F. Clausen and Stephanie Hildebrandt to Megan Crochere.

David H. O’Donnell Irrevocable Real Estate Trust to Lorri A. O’Donnell.

David H. O’Donnell Irrevocable Real Estate Trust to Diane E. Reynolds.

David H. O’Donnell Irrevocable Real Estate Trust to Christina M. Hassapelis.

Stockton Springs

Sundownes Property Development LLC to Jeffrey & Ellen Schawelson Trust.

Jean V. Whitehurst Family Trust to Jean V. Whitehurst.

Jean V. Whitehurst to Donald E. Whitehurst.

Thomas J. Gaffney and Theresa Hileman Gaffney to Robert D. Merriam, Barbara Hileman Merriam and Theresa Hileman Gaffney.

Peter L. Stewart Est. to Lindsay Morgan Stewart.

Justin S. Pelletier, Randy S. Pelletier and Shane T. Pelletier to Coastal Mountains Land Trust.

Sandy Point Cottage LLC to Stuart Cotts and Stephanie Butler.

Justin Shute to Shute Property Holdings LLC.

Skakle Family Revocable Trust to Bruce A. Skakle and Lou-Ann Skakle.

Bruce A. Skakle and Lou-Ann Skakle to Skakle Family Revocable Trust.

Shannon MacMillian and Shannon A. Blake to Roger Kent Blake and Shannon A. Blake.


Merry Family Living Trust to Logan Chipman and Trisha L. Chambers.


Christopher S. Boyle and Michelle N. Boyle to Gary M. Hazard and Jonny B. Hazard.


Margaret H. Byrne to Kelly J. Smith and Kelly J. McCormick.

Patricia C. Nealley to Beth N. Goduti and Amy N. Davis.

Margaret L. Henderson to Charles A. Henderson.

Lance Bedford and Kelly Goodblood to Brian Edward Nullaney.


Ryan Parsons to RC Properties LLC.


Emery L. Whitcomb and Roberta J. Whitcomb to Trudy D. Glidden.

Patrick Reilly to Tracey Elizabeth Walls.

Roger I. Dutton and Sally H. Dutton to Deborah J. Dutton and Marcia A. Cullivan.


Leroy M. Nowell Jr., John B. Rancourt and Ruth A. Rancourt to Robert Carl Devee and Michelle Ellen Devee.

Lavs Unlimited LLC to Javaughn R. Thompson and Sandra D. Poulin.

Maurice G. Underhill Irrevocable Trust to Richard A. Matthews and Tania S. Matthews.

Kate Denise Merritt and Kate Cuddy to Arlen Duncan II and Cindy Seidman.