Hello Monroe!

Wonky weather trends seem to continue as temperatures soared into the 80s for multiple days in a row. I let Oliver set up his new splash pad in the backyard and eat multiple ice pops throughout the day…just practicing for real summer!

Yard sale

On Memorial Day, there will be a yard sale at the Monroe Community Church between 9 and 11 a.m. (before and after the parade) on the church grounds, rain or shine. There will be the usual white elephant items as well as house plants, books, clothing and more. If you wish to contribute items, please bring them to the church “tunnel” between May 26 and 29. Questions? Please call 525-3256. Proceeds will benefit the church.

New name in town

Second Frost Farm is the new name of a well established Monroe farm. Formerly Dickey Hill Farm, James and Naomi said:

“Though we did not know it in 2015 when we were sitting in our Portland apartment scheming farm names, growing produce year-round has really become the heart of how our business sustains itself and nourishes our community year-round.

“Our winter greens production provides our customers fresh produce through short days and us farmers with income and work in the winter sunshine. While the first frost traditionally marks the end of the summer growing season as it zaps heat-loving field vegetables, the second frost has come to mark the start of our winter season, with greens beginning their natural process of sweetening up!

“So, there you have it: Second Frost Farm. Plus, maybe we will field (fewer) phone calls for Mr. and Mrs. Dickey Hill?”

Kayak Basin Pond

The Basin Pond Kayak, available for use by Monroe residents, is now set up with two paddles and two adult life jackets. The kayak is on the east shore of Basin Pond and is a 10- to 15-minute hike in from the parking area for Basin Pond Trails. Guidelines for use located at the kayak!

Have a great week!

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