The Midcoast Babe Ruth League baseball campaign, for those ages 13-15, began on Sunday, May 15. Well, began as much as Mother Nature allowed.

There are six teams in the league, which geographically covers an area from Damariscotta to Belfast. Squads will play 10 games — five home and five on the road. Teams will face each other twice during the regular campaign.

Squads will qualify for the single-elimination playoffs, which begin on July 6.

The teams include Rockland Ford, Belfast, Damaricotta Lions, Granite Coast Orthodontics, P.G. Willey and Waldoboro.

Rockland Ford plays home games at Morrill Field in Rockland, Damariscotta at Lincoln Academy in Newcastle, Belfast at Belfast Area High School, Waldoboro at Begley Field in Waldoboro and Granite Coast and P.G. Willey at Marge Jones Recreational Facility in Rockport.

Don Shields, longtime president of the league, said this will be his final year in that role. He also has been involved with the Rockland Ford squad.

Sunday games begin at 1 p.m. and weekday games at 5:30 p.m.

On Sunday, the opening-day score was: Waldoboro 19, P.G. Willey 8; Rockland Ford at Belfast – postponed; and Damariscotta Lions at Granite Coast Orthodontics – postponed.

Thus, the standings show: Waldoboro, 1-0, 1.000 winning percentage; Belfast, 0-0, .000; Damariscotta Lions, 0-0, .000; Granite Coast Orthodontics, 0-0, .000; Rockland Ford, 0-0, .000; and P.G. Willey, 0-1, .000.

The remainder of the schedule — not including makeups — includes:

May 22 — Waldoboro at Damariscotta Lions, Granite Coast Orthodontics at Rockland Ford and Belfast at P.G. Willey.

May 29 — Granite Coast Orthodontics at Waldoboro, Rockland Ford at P.G. Willey and Damariscotta Lions at Belfast.

June 5 — P.G. Willey at Granite Coast Orthodontics, Rockland Ford at Damaricotta Lions and Waldoboro at Belfast.

June 12 — Waldoboro at Rockland Ford, Damariscotta Lions versus P.G. Willey and Granite Coast Orthodontics at Belfast.

June 19 — Belfast at Rockland Ford, Granite Coast Orthodontics at Damariscotta Lions and Waldoboro at P.G. Willey.

June 21 — Damariscotta Lions at Waldoboro, Rockland Ford at Granite Coast Orthodontics and P.G. Willey at Belfast.

June 23 — Waldoboro at Granite Coast Orthodontics, Belfast at Damariscotta Lions and P.G. Willey at Rockland Ford.

June 26 — Granite Coast Orthodontics at P.G. Willey, Damariscotta Lions at Rockland Ford and Belfast at Waldoboro.

June 30 — Rockland Ford at Waldoboro, P.G. Willey at Damaricotta Lions and Belfast at Granite Coast Orthodontics.

Ends regular, except for makeups, as playoffs begin July 6 at 5 p.m., with No. 6 at No. 3 and No. 5 at No. 4. Nos. 1-2 receive first-round byes. The semifinals are July 8 and championship July 10.

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