On May 4, Mount View Middle School hosted Career Day. This annual practice allows students the option to explore a few positions that may intrigue them later in life.

Students were able to listen to presentations and demonstrations for careers such as law enforcement and canine units, forensic scientists, authors, media personnel, and computer scientists, among many others. A Maine-based cartoonist even came to school and met with all of the students at staggered assemblies.

Personally, I visited the presentations of the author and forensic scientist. The author, Jenny Neves, worked as a technical writer for a pharmaceutical company while writing independently on the side. She advised to always seek out writing positions in any field if you desired them as they were usually available.

The forensic scientist, a sergeant in the Maine State Police, showed us techniques for testing blood, fingerprinting, DNA analysis, laser tracking of bullet trajectory and computer reconstruction of crime scenes. Overall it was a useful examination of possibilities and a glimpse into what may very well be our future.


The Liberty Library will be hosting a pie sale Saturday, June 4, starting at 9 a.m. If you are able to bring pies for the sale, please turn them in between 8 and 9 that morning.  The library also has an exhibit of art from Mount View High School students until May 20.