Volunteer Fire Department

Profile this week is of Auxiliary member and Morrill resident Joan Mills. Joan is now and has been the treasurer of the Auxiliary for many years. Joan is the mother of three grown children whom she loves to visit or have visit. Joan’s late husband Charlie was a longtime member of the Fire Department who once did a one-year stint as chief. He was assistant chief for Jethro for a long period until his passing. Joan and Charlie were to the department what Jethro describes as the backbone.

Joan in recent years was the hot dog lady at the auctions we used to hold. As treasurer she handles all the fundraising monies such as the bottle/can redemptions, donations and monies from other fundraisers. When the Fire Department requests a purchase of some items, they go to the Auxiliary and discuss the reason the item is needed. The Auxiliary members discuss the request and most of the time vote to donate toward it. After the item’s purchase, the receipt is given to Joan, who makes the payment and records it in her records.

Joan’s dedication to the Fire Department and her town through the Ladies Auxiliary is a perfect example of a neighbor helping neighbors. Thank you, Joan, for all you do as a catalyst to Morrill’s Ladies Auxiliary.

As a side note, the Auxiliary just purchased a third portable light stand, two traffic vests, and a pager with charger for the department. Earlier this year they purchased the paint and other supplies to paint the interior walls and ceiling of the station. That cost was over $1,300. The firefighters during a night a week for several months completed this project with no cost to the taxpayers. Thank you all for your support.


Happy birthday to Christine Cox on May 19.

I hope every mother had a great Mother’s Day. Mom and I went to lunch with my brother Randall at McLaughlin’s in Lincolnville. What really great food they have. Then my other brother came to visit Mom and I. So happy he came out! And my sister Raelene wished Mom a happy Mother’s Day. Raelene was taken out by her husband Cliff.

You all have a a great week and weekend and enjoy this wonderful weather we are having.

Mark your calendar

Community Market is every second and fourth Saturday of each month, with affordable food and goods for all. Look for the signs.

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Today I refuse to stress myself out about things I cannot control or change. — Author Unknown