What a taste of summer we have gotten recently! As I drive around and see other local towns come to life, I can’t help but again wish there was more in Waldo. Brooks has a food truck that’s back for its second season. Wouldn’t it be great to have food trucks on the town building property every Saturday and Sunday on summer weekends?

We don’t even have a park here. This, to me, seems like a pretty easy place to start; form a parks committee and look at locally owned property or those the town will collect for unpaid property taxes. Parks are a great place to hold events for holidays like the Fourth of July or run 5ks and fundraisers.

I think bringing more local life to Waldo, for those of us who already live here, would be a great way to bridge connections and perhaps better address some of the larger issues we are faced with. It would also add to our greater community at large.

The ticks have been pretty intense lately. I would have thought the hot days would slow them down but they seem as frantic as ever. Protect your animals (and therefore your home) and check yourself! If you’re not mowing to save the dandelions for the bees, you can mow paths for the time being, to avoid the long grass.

I hope you are enjoying the month of May the way Monty does — run outside, jump in the dirt, throw off your shoes, and dig in. He will be upset, no doubt, when his dirt has been turned into garden, but I know he’ll run and pick green beans off the trellis just the same.

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