May 25, 1837

Capt. Stephen Prescott, of Liberty, a few weeks since, brought into our office, what appeared to us a piece of a beautiful white marble, which by a smart pressure of the thumb and finger might be ground into very fine sand. It is called granular quartz, and is of the first rate material for the manufacture of glass. It is found in abundance, Capt. Prescott, informs us in Liberty. At no very distant day we hope, and have no doubt, it will be wrought and become a source of profit to manufacturers.

May 23, 1856

We made mention, last week, of a man in our city who wears paper dickeys. They are the latest Yankee invention, look white, and better than linen, and are sold for five cents each. Bachelors who pay six cents apiece for the purification of their linen will see the economy of the arrangement, even if the paper article is thrown away when soiled. Johnson & Co. have ’em.

The circus, one of our Maine “peculiar institutions,” is close upon us. The advertisement will indicate the day when Messrs. Flagg & Aymar will present before our citizens their excellent equestrian company. The appointments of the company are said to be on a grand scale, and their performances of the best and most attractive character. The circus makes a holiday for all, and an agreeable relaxation from the labors of the season. Let all enjoy it.

May 24, 1877

The proposition to further straighten High street meets with considerable opposition, especially from those living upon the southerly side of the street. The line will cut through the Locke house and into many door yards; the damages must necessarily be large.

A raid was made, on Friday of last week, upon several places where liquors were supposed to be kept for sale. As is most always the case, the parties to be searched knew more about the search than the raiders themselves, and were prepared for the emergency. The auxiliaries to the traffic were found but no liquors, except two small jugs full at the American House. For those Joseph Gilmore was summoned before the Police Court and fined $50.00 and costs, from which he appealed.

May 20, 1897

City Marshal Norton has issued placards warning persons against congregating and loitering on the sidewalks.

May 24, 1917

The band was out last Monday evening for practice and was followed by a crowd of children and a number of autos and teams.

All public spirited men and women of Belfast are urged to do their part in subscribing for the Liberty loan. This issue must be sold by June 15th. These bonds bear 3 1-2 per cent and are free from taxation with the exception of the inheritance tax. It is one of the safest investments on the market to-day. The local banks have arranged to dispose of the bonds on the installment plan of $10 per month or $1 per week to suit their customers.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, Reference & Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library.

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