The following deed transfers were recorded from May 5 through May 11 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


RSP Belfast 1 LLC and RSP Belfast 2 LLC to Liner Industries, LLC.

Peter Alan Simon and Peter Simon to Peter Simon Trust.

Pharmacy Portfolio VII DST to B. Jaffe Belfast LLC.


Robert E. Albert Jr. Living Trust to Toni Wagner and Randy Hegstrom.


Donald E. Towers to Walter F. Moody.


Lady Bug LLC to 327 Hamm Road LLC and Three Hundred Twenty-Seven Ham Road LLC.

Roger F. Blake to Jane L. Robertson and Gary P. McIntire.


Lissa S. Widoff Living Trust to Michael Dutton and Erin Richardson.


Nancy J. Vencel to Nancy J. Vencel Revocable Trust.

Luongo Family Trust to David Wentworth and Veronica Wentworth.

David W. St. Clair and Sandra L. St. Clair to David and Sandra St. Clair Living Trust.


Mark H. Jensen to Railroad Square Realty LLC.

William F. Jessee to Katharine E. J. Spoo.

Lisa M. Arnold to David B. Arnold.

David B. Arnold to Glenn C. Lang, Leslie W. Lang, Henry Lang and Meris J. Bickford.

Robert B. McKenzie and Bonnie B. McKenzie to Dale J. Turk.

Wayne Lanning to Michael J. Pardun and Sara F. Cole.


Michelle Bryant to Justin Lizotte and Chelsea Chiaramonte.

Dean M. Brown Living Trust to Scott Everett Milliken and Breanna Jane Milliken.


Jacqueline D. Ascrizzi to Ascrizzi Family Trust.


Federal National Mortgage Association, Ronald W. Kerfoot and Cynthia C. Kerfoot to Federal National Mortgage Association.


Joel Miller and Annalisa Miller to Haley M. Newman and Daniel C. Newman.

Kevin D. Balderas-Young, Kevin D. Young, Topher W. Balderas-Young and Christopher W. Balderas to Chelsea Lee Weeks and Jacob Benjamin Weeks.

Dennis J. McKenney to Dale A. McKenney and Pamela J. McKenney.

John P. Bunker and Campbell Watts to Samuel Howe Shaw and Alexander Bailey Shaw.


William B. Bolin and Karen M. Bolin to Rodney Carlton Brown and Patricia Stevens Brown.


Stephen J. Santos to Stephen J. Santos and Pamela A. Santos.


David W. St. Clair and Sandra L. St. Clair to Marc T. Cryer and Sung L. Cryer.

Anthony R. Merithew and Deloris I. Merithew to Dillon Investments LLC.


Betty Fraser to Natascia G. Laverde.


Loralie J. Higgins to Tyson Demers and Christopher Higgins.

Stephen G. Fowler to Gary A. Fowler and Jennifer L. Fowler.


David A. Collari and Laura Collari to Katherine J. House.

Joseph M. Poltrak Jr. and Joseph Poltrak II to Sarah G. Prescott and Paul E. Dube.


Sharon Morton, Harrison Manley and Sharon Manley to Mary Manley.

Jennifer Rogers Hindes to Elizabeth J. O’Brien and Amber R. Pruitt.