I’m going to try writing this column again and ask if you have something you want shared, please let me know. I have to have news sent in by Thursday so it will be in the following week. Let’s get Prospect on the map again!

First of all, I want to wish those celebrating their birthday or anniversary this month, a happy day and many more to come.

There have been four people that I know of from Facebook posts that have returned from hospitals and seem to be recovering slowly. Tucker Boynton is home now and Mom says he is feeling better but it will be a long haul for him. Connie Mancivice had an operation but they had a hard time to get her blood pressure stabilized so she was in there longer than expected. Ed Perry, now on oxygen, had difficulty breathing so he was in the hospital for a couple of days. Gerald Brassbridge’s legs were so swollen that he could not walk. They got the water removed and he is feeling better. Prayers for all that have been or are sick, may they all get better.

Linda Gamble, president of the Prospect Community Club, has made all the arrangements for the May 30 Memorial Day Parade. The parade starts at noon down by Ray Webb’s barn on Route 1A. The American Legionnaires of Jerry Dobbins Post 174 of Sandy Point will start the parade by carrying the American flag, Legionnaires marching and riding, followed by Grand Marshal Barbara Tilley, widow of veteran Paul Tilley (Navy) in a convertible driven by veteran Chuck Boynton. Following them will be the Bucksport Middle School Band, kids on bikes, politicians, old cars, Anah Shriners mini-cars, and fire trucks and emergency vehicles from the area.

The parade will stop briefly at the Prospect Maple Grove Cemetery for the Legionnaires to pay tribute to the fallen. Amanda Hamilton will raise the flag there.

At the Monument, emcee Max Provencher will introduce Sabrina Rines singing the national anthem accompanied by the Bucksport Middle School Band.

Opening prayer will be given by Pastor John Tabor of Stockton Springs Community Church, followed by speaker, former selectman and veteran William Sneed. Commander Horace Seekins Jr. will lead the members of Jerry Dobbins Post 174 in a memorial ceremony honoring our military.

A wreath made by Rosemarie Webster will be laid on the Monument by veteran’s widow Barbara Tilley, assisted by Commander Horace Seekins.

The ceremonies will conclude with the band playing “Taps.”

All veterans are invited to march in the parade and then join the Legionnaires in the Community Club Dining Room for refreshments.

The selectmen are having their various meetings at the Community Dining Room as the Town Office has been reconfigured (looks good) and no longer can have crowds there. It is good that the building can be used for other than just suppers.

The Historical Society had its first meeting of the summer Sunday afternoon, May 13, at the Dining Room. Reports from the treasurer, secretary and president were read and accepted by all. Election of officers was held. President is Sam Gianni, secretary is Lois Gianni and treasurer is Laura Emack. A motion was made to elect all directors for another two years.

Thanks were given to Carol Johnson for being the treasurer for many years and also to her and husband Don for all the work they have done at the building, cleaning, removing debris, and getting the building ready to be open to the public this summer. Others have helped with the chores also. A discussion was held about events for the summer and next month’s meeting. A plan will be formed.

See you next week.