The following deed transfers were recorded from May 12 through May 18 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


Sandra J. Squire to Elizabeth Edwards.

Michael J. Aaro and Samantha K. Aaro to Charles L. Field and Gareth J. Littlefield.

Pauline O. O’Neill Est. to Rick W. Reynolds and Johanna A. Reynolds.

Clyde B. Holmes III to Maia Properties LLC.

Mena F. Holmes to Maia Properties LLC.

Roxanne P. McHenry to Brittany E. Elwell and Caleb E. Elwell.

BAC North America Holding Company to Bank of America National Association.


David O’Brien and Wanda O’Brien to Micah O’Brien and Meaghan O’Brien.


Peter W. Grumbach and Helen M. Grumbach to Eugene V. Ellis and Becky Jo Ellis.

Eugene V. Ellis and Becky Jo Ellis to Kirsha Finemore.

Kenneth E. Lyford Jr. and Kathy J. Lyford to Kenneth E. Lyford III and Kenny Lyford III.


Town of Freedom to Clive McDonald.

Clive McDonald to Natalie Marceau and Ross Curry.

David Stauffer, Cheryl Stauffer, Matthew D. Stauffer and Rebecca C. Stauffer to Matthew D. Stauffer.

Harold A. Palmer to Esther Jane Noyes.

Mark Raven to Justin Overlock.

Paul Cuyler Smith to Daniel & Barbara Craft Living Trust.


John R. Dailey to Nathan R. Carter and Denise M. Carter.


Knox Riding Arena Inc. to Derek Larrabee and Jennifer Larrabee.


Steven W. & Janice R. Jewett Living Trust to Jewett Living Trust.

Priscilla S. Cash to Derrick W. Jewett and Priscilla S. Cash.

Josephine D. Bohlke Est. to Gary Gogerty.


Lottie Jean Mahoney Wallace to Edward Mahoney.


David S. Gordon Sr. to Michael E. Kunz and Valerie Van De Meer.

John M. Evans and Caroline E. Evans to Oceana Keeley Pacholski-Proctor.


Elizabeth A. Libby to Maya A. Robinson and Michael A. Williams.

Allens Blueberry Freezer Inc. to Chiasson Family Irrevocable Trust.


Holly B. Gledhill, Richard L. Gledhill and Marjorie Hilton Gledhill to Marjorie E. Gledhill.

Gantumur Gombojav to Daja Gombojav.

Jamie T. Cail and Gary T. Cail to Alexis Whitney Thongdeng.


Donald P. Johnson and Carol A. Johnson to Phillip A. Roberto and Dawn Roberto.


J. Blaine LLC to Brittany Evelyn-Jean Tyler.


Renovators LLC to Nickie Ripley and Kean Ripley.


Ocean View Terrace LLC to James T. Lambros and Phyllis B. Beam.

Dallas Grant Rines to Jennifer Taylor.

Russell Woolworth LLC to Steamboat Wharf Cabins LLC.

Mark M. Thomas and Adele K. Simpson to William Stevenson.

Linda J. Benjamin and Stephen D. Benjamin to Stephen D. Benjamin, Linda J. Benjamin, Melissa Silva and Holly Glynn.

Joseph E. Charneski and Nancy E. Charneski to Charneski Children Trust Agreement.


Trisha L. Chambers and Logan Chipman to Logan Chipman.


Town of Thorndike to Albert J. Ludden IV.

Camille Giglio and Frank S. Giglio to Camille Perrin.

Albert J. Ludden IV to Aaron J. Curtis.


Dana Grass to Ralph D. Krantz III.

Thomas Ware to John K. McClellan, Daniel M. McClellan and Daniel M. McClellan.

TMTD LLC to Megan S. Schanz and Brandon Schanz.

David O’Brien and Wanda O’Brien to Chad O’Brien and Denyell O’Brien.


Michael Serrano, Desirae M. Serrano and Desirae M. Hubbard to Michael Serrano and Desirae M. Serrano.


Carole Anne Leach and Wallace M. Leach to Carole Anne Leach.


Town of Winterport to Nancy R. Morrill.

Town of Winterport to Tammy Smith, Jaimie Smith and Karen Smith.

Cera Jamison and Cera M. Belyea to Alison Whitlock.

Michael K. Wellman to Kacey Wellman.

Wayne H. Nunn Est. to Olivia Fitzpatrick Mayer.