NORTHPORT — The following is news from the Northport Golf Club:

On Monday, May 30, in holiday play, Jesse Johnson and Randy Berry finished first gross 69; Jesse Johnson and Mike Knox, as well as Jesse Johnson and Preston Ward, tied second gross 70; Don Pendergast and Butch Littlefield, first net 60; Tim Riley and Butch Littlefield, second net 61; and Paul Doody and Terry Whitney, third net 62.

Jesse Johnson finished first gross 74; Mike Knox, second gross 78; Randy Berry, third gross 79; Paul Doody, first net 68; Butch Littlefield, second net 69; and Tim Riley and Don Pendergast, tied third net 72.

Pins: Randy Berry, 5-4 on the third hole; Jesse Johnson, 8-4 on the ninth; Terry Whitney, 32-6 on the 12th; and Mike Knox, 11-3 on the 18th.

On Sunday, May 29, in points quota play, the team of Richard Olsen, Mike Olsen, Butch Norman and Butch Littlefield finished first at 114; and Peter Hodgkins, Dick Clements, Bruce Spaulding and Kelsey Richards, as well as Mark Wallace, John Sapoch, Hank Mattson and Don Pendergast, tied second at 111.

For Class A, Randy Berry finished first gross 76; Preston Ward, second gross 78; Mark Wallace, third gross 79; John Sapoch, first net 70; Richard Olsen, second net 74; and Tim Riley, third net 75.

For Class B, Butch Littlefield finished first gross 89; Bruce Spaulding, second gross 92; Hank Mattson, third gross 96; Kelsey Richards, first net 69; Mike Marriner, second net 73; and Duke Marston and Don Pendergast, tied third net 75.

Class A pins: Mark Wallace, 13-2 on the third; Mike Olsen, 22-8 on the ninth; Mike Olsen, 14-0 on the 12th; and Randy Berry, 45-0 on the 18th.

Class B pins: Bruce Spaulding, 39-0 on the 12th; and Phil Bowen, 15-1 on the 18th.

On Wednesday, May 25, in scotch foursome play, Randy Berry and Jenna Caler finished first gross 35; Mike Webber and Pat Webber, second gross 42; Peter Hodgkins and Sue Hodgkins, as well as Steve Drake and Shirley Caler, tied first net 33.5; Ken Gordon and Sue Gordon, third net 34; and Bill Pickford and Annie Pickford, as well as Dan Eaton and Leslie Eaton, tied fourth net 35.

On Tuesday, May 24, in twilight league play, for Class A, Mark Wallace finished first gross 36; Kevin Dains, second gross 37; Jeff Dutch and Keith Parker, tied third gross 42; and Paul Doody, Robb Herron and Tim Riley, tied first net 36.

For Class B, Butch Littlefield finished first gross 46; Jim Boulier, second gross 48; Cory Chase and Bruce Spaulding, tied third gross 49; Doug Wentworth, first net 38; and Doyle Bailey, Cecil Eastman and Bill Farris, tied second net 40.

Class A pins: Mark Wallace, 20-7 on the 12th hole; and Kevin Nickerson, 29-5 on the 18th.

Class B pin: Butch Littlefield, 17-9 on the 18th.

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