Ah … late spring. When I talk to people on the phone — while outside — they exclaim at the noise of the birds in the background. We did have to lay to rest one of my two old lady kitties. Fifteen years she sat on my lap while I knitted, even putting up with the up-down of my knees while spinning yarn. Bret’s Garden Statues has a nice selection of small cat statues and different sized paw markers (easy to mow over) to mark a pet grave, if you have need. You can find him on Facebook, at 1080 Moosehead Trail, in Jackson — by chance — or give him a call, 754-7482. He also has a wide and varied selection of all sorts of benches, Buddhas, gnomes and more.

On a brighter note — for all you Royal Watchers — today, June 2, is the first day of the celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. This is the first ever Platinum Jubilee in England as Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her reign of 70 years!

RSU 3 is hiring!

Our school district is in great need of qualified candidates for a variety of positions. In addition to teachers, we need to fill custodial positions, food service, and of course bus drivers. If you, or anyone you know, is available, please apply at rsu.org or call 948-6136.

Jackson Food Pantry

It’s inevitable that the state of inflated food prices will put more people in need of the food pantry. And thank goodness it’s there, and a shout-out to the small army of volunteers that have kept it running throughout this entire pandemic and beyond. As a reminder, the Jackson Food Pantry is open the fourth Monday of each month. The next one is June 27, 9-10 a.m., at the Jackson Community Center, 260 Village Road. FMI, or to donate, please contact Cindy Ludden, at 722-3205.

Town Office

There will be no Select Board meeting on the regularly scheduled date of June 14 because it is Election Day.

Darshan Music

Come listen to Carla and my brother, Justin, for an evening of peace and harmony as they play Bhajan. Bhajan is closely related to kirtana, a devotional performance art rooted in the Bhakti traditions of India. A bhajan is more free in form and is performed with or without one or more musical instruments, singing and clapping. Carla (drums) and Justin (harmonium) met singing opposite one another at a performance in 2017 and formed a music group soon after. You are welcome to sing, clap, or just sit quietly. People have reported reduced stress and better sleep after enjoying a performance: something we all need these days. Next performance is June 7, 7 p.m., at the Belfast Yoga Studio (in the red and white striped building), 9 Field St., Suite 302 (back of the third floor). FMI email: darshan.music.info@gmail.com.