Hello Monroe!

I’ve lost count of the number of Rhubarb White Chocolate Oatmeal cookies we’ve eaten over the past couple of weeks. Oliver is finally catching on that I can make cookies, too; they don’t only come from Kristin at the Monroe Country Store! He does love stopping for one of hers as a special treat as often as I’ll let him get away with it.

Worth celebrating

Congratulations to Sydney Vogel and Aiden Tripp of Monroe for their recent induction into the National Honor Society of Mount View High School. Top grades and leadership roles, among other qualities, have earned them this prestige. Well done!

Happy birthday wishes for the month of June go out to: Cole Arute (1st), Roland Clements (3rd), Kaylee Hamilton (12th), and Maxwell and Jazmin Tomlin (29th).

Final reminder

The Monroe town meeting is being held on Monday, June 6, at 6 p.m. in the Fire House at the Town Hall. You may want to bring your own chair!

Work day at Gesner

As part of the Regional School Unit 3 Gives Back week, Ms. Murphy and Mr. Estes came from Mount View Middle School with 14 sixth graders ready to help work at Gesner Park!

Monroe Fire Chief Ken Clements was on hand supervising a burn pile on the site of the future new playground (cleared by the fantastic work and hours put in by Lion Mike Schaab and community members Corey Michell, Tim Downer and Kate, Ryan and Dennis Wing).

Monroe Lions Club members David Doak and Ethan and Ashlie Stubbs (and Ashlie’s dad Darryl McKenney and boys Oliver and Nolan) were also on hand to help stack brush, move brush, rake the excess grass in preparation for the Memorial Day fair, paint trim on the buildings and clear brush from the walking track.

Many hands made light work! Thankful to be part of such a generous community and for such a beautiful park space to maintain and enjoy.

Have a great week!


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