Volunteer Fire Department news

On Saturday, May 14, Lee Pelliechia, Sara Kelemen and Tom Fish all finished the basic fire course. The course was held over two months of Tuesday night classroom instruction and five Saturdays of hands-on training. On the 14th they completed the course by completing many evolutions of attacking and putting out live burns at the Waldo County Fire Association’s training building.

Besides the heat of the fires while wearing all their protective gear and wearing air packs, it just happened to be a record-breaking 90-plus degrees out.

On Sunday the 15th, Gretchen Fish, also a ladies Auxiliary member, hosted a graduation get-together for the graduates.

Chief Rowlands and recently retired Chief Scribner, with other department members and guests, enjoyed hot dogs, chicken wings and desserts. Remarks were given by Safety Officer Pease and Chief Rowlands as well as a friend of Tom’s whom commented on Tom’s commitment.

Thank you, Gretchen and others that made this a fun afternoon. It also was noted as part of the recognition opportunity of this gathering that Haley Norris was recognized by Chief Rowlands for her promotion to lieutenant in our department. Great job, Haley!

The department responded with tanker 35 to assist Belmont with a small but stubborn woods fire. Eight members of the department also made themselves available for this call, which came in shortly after 5 p.m. on May 23. The ground is getting very dry and fire danger is high when the wind blows hard after a few dry days.

Belmont Fire Chief Ron Harford knew this wasn’t the type of fire you could quickly put out and then leave. It had to be dug out in the ground and thoroughly soaked or it would flare up hours or maybe days later. Hard work but needed. Both crews worked together as one.

A reminder, please tie all bags when leaving bottles and cans at the Fire Department. Also, no paper bags, please. They get wet and fall apart. We hate to keep bringing these issues up, but, they are picked up by volunteers who do not want to spend a lot of time picking up individual bottles and cans.

Current Fire Department needs that we have and you might want to assist with are, sign up to mow around the station once or twice this summer, call Jethro at 342-5910. Soda is needed at this time of the year as we do more training and actual incidents seem to come on the hottest days. Coke, Pepsi, diet or with sugar, orange, root beer, or grape are always welcome. Contact Chief Dean, 323-5247; former Chief Pat, 505-5152; or Jethro to make these donations.

Finally, we will be starting the Junior Firefighter class soon. This class will be hosted by the Morrill and Belfast fire departments.

Young ladies and gentleman 14 to 17 years of age are invited to attend. Contact Chief Dean Rowlands or Safety Officer Jethro for more information or to enroll.

Be safe; treat all fires with respect.


Just a reminder that when you’re mowing the lawn, do not mow the grass into the road. If anything happens to someone on a motorcycle or bicycle you will be held responsible for all injuries, this is the law. So please don’t mow the grass in the road. Let’s save lives and keep our loved ones safe.

You all have a safe weekend and have lots of fun.

Quote of the week

Your mind is a magnet. If you think of blessings, your attract blessings, and if you think of problems, you attract problems. Always cultivate good thoughts and always remain positive and optimistic! – Author unknown