Don’t miss out on $850 direct relief checks

The Legislature has completed its work for the 2020-2022 term, and, while there is much to report, there is one item I want to be sure Waldo County residents know about.

Recognizing that Mainers are struggling with rising prices and the lingering strain from the pandemic, my colleagues and I passed legislation to send revenue dollars directly to you. This will come in the form of $850 checks, which will be mailed to over 850,000 tax filers starting in June.

In order to receive your check, you must be a full-time Maine resident and file your state income tax return by Oct. 31. If you have already filed your taxes for the year, you should be all set. But not everyone files income taxes, including many older Mainers who do not have income to report.

If you have not already filed a Maine income tax return this year, you will need to do so by Oct. 31, as I mentioned above. This is true even if you have no income to report or do not owe any income taxes. The good news is the process is very simple for most Mainers in this situation.

If you have not filed your state income taxes and need assistance with filing, there is help available. You can contact the CA$H Maine Bangor office at 974-2458, or, or the Augusta office at 621-3430 or

Please feel welcome to reach out to me with any questions or concerns on this or any other matter at 322-1414 or

Paige Zeigler


Note: Rep. S. Paige Zeigler represents Belmont, Liberty, Lincolnville, Montville, Morrill, Palermo and Searsmont in the Maine Legislature.

Earned his second term

We will cast our ballots to reelect Jordan Barnett-Parker to the Lincolnville Select Board this month.

Jordan brings positive, diligent energy to the Select Board. He connected with every school board member, successfully advocating for the return of a quarter-million-dollar surplus to the town, reducing the overall tax burden. His creative thinking has the town looking to set aside funds for future projects, reducing debt.

Jordan is approachable and responsive. It’s easy to reach him because he shares direct contact information on the town’s website. We reached out with a question, and Jordan listened and later followed up. He makes time to understand the issues. For example, Jordan brought forth the need for life and injury insurance for Lincolnville’s Fire Department to cover volunteer firefighters on their way to and from a call. Jordan’s initiative yielded the best coverage for the best price.

Jordan brings timely topics to the agenda for public discussion. He’s championed transparency by having Select Board packets available on the town website and encouraging a remote/hybrid meeting format.

It’s clear that Jordan cares about Lincolnville’s finances, first responders, and the entire community. Jordan Barnett-Parker has earned his second term.

Broo & Jennifer Temple


What our community needs

We are supporting Glenn “Chip” Curry in his bid to return to the Maine Senate representing Waldo County. Chip is a long-time resident of Waldo County who is well versed in the issues facing the people of our county. He is a great listener who is careful to make decisions after much thought and research.

Chip works tirelessly at whatever community activity he is a part of: from Masker productions, curling at the Belfast Curling Club, playing volleyball at the Waldo County YMCA, to building sets for SDHS theater or as a member of the UU church.

Chip is a devoted husband, father, and son-in-law, but always makes time for friends as he frequents local establishments. Chip’s daily life and work experience, as a higher education adviser for adult students, gave him incredible perspective and insight to the realities and needs of Waldo County residents as he represented us these past two years.

During the past two years, whenever we met with Chip he would talk not of national issues, but of what he was doing in the Senate to help the people of Waldo County. We could not imagine a better person to represent what our community needs.

Mike and Mary Vasiliauskas