The following deed transfers were recorded from May 19 through May 25 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


Stephen W. Underwood, Nancy LaValle Perkins and Christopher LaValle to Brittni J. Reed and Christopher Austin LaValle.

Seth W. D. Yentes, Lucretia E. Saucier and Lucretia E. Yentes to Lucretia E. Saucier.

Linda Durkee Gallant and Linda C. Durkee to Barbara Nelson and Michael Nelson.

Linda French to David Holbrook.


Katherine L. Spaulding Est. to Sally Ann Colburn.


Nancy Manning to Dwayne A. Manning.

Dwayne Manning to Matthew Murray.

Betty H. Tuthill to Stacey Wells and Benjamin Wells.

Jonathan D. King to Sara A. King and Jonathan D. King.

Jonathan D. King to Sara A. King and Jonathan D. King.


Charles J. Dargon to Charles J. Dargon, Lori A. Dargon and Ashley Currier.

Etta M. Moran Est. and Etta M. Stevens Est. to Jason M. Poitras, Claude Poitras and Donna Poitras.


Joyce A. Thompson Est. to Michael Dean Bailey.


Thomas E. Lyman and Jeanne M. Dellamarco to John Walter Dornberger and Leigh-Anne T. Dornberger.


Jerry Perkins to Bucktail LLC.


Dennis R. Edgecomb to Anthony A. Maresh.

Anthony A. Maresh to Robert A. Maresh.

Brian G. Jackson and Florence J. Jackson to Peichang Gagliardi and Richard Gagliardi.


Daniel J. Ford to Gobind Singh Khalsa and Danielle Knight.

Paul W. Overgaag and Brynna Ledyard to Christopher N. Huntley and Mary Huntley.


Dale A. McKenney and Pamela J. McKenney to Phillip P. Perkins and Hope F. Perkins.

Gerald E. Burleigh and Marie Burleigh to Jonnie Jeanne Costello.


Carol A. Johnson to Donald P. Johnson.


Avary Otis to Monica Johnson.

Beth A. Jones and Jeffrey A. Rojo to Birch Hill Cabins LLC.

Kingdom Land LLC to Betty Jo Bradstreet.


Second Congregational Society of Searsport Harbor to Safe Harbor Church.


Meagan Adams and Christopher Hutchins to Adams-Hutchins Living Revocable Trust.

Meagan Adams and Christopher Hutchins to Adams-Hutchins Living Revocable Trust.

Charneski Children Trust Agreement to Monet Dianna Brazier.


Eric Houston Lyerly to Antonio E. Rivera and Katie S. Rivera.

Rebecca Sprague to Dean Sprague and Beverly Sprague.


Pilgrim Consolidators Inc. and John Bagley to EC&C Fabrication LLC.


Douglas A. Walker and Brenda L. Walker to Morris Lee Walker and Jennie Lee Walker.


Ryan Parsons to CP4 Properties LLC.

William McLaughlin to Chandler E. Hall.


David Hagar to David E. Hagar and Charles E. Harmon.


Sandra J. Nealley to Tanesha M. Figueroa and Sandra J. Nealley.

Sandra J. Nealley to Tanesha M. Figueroa.

Stephen L. McLean Jr. to Stephen L. McLean Jr. and Denise S. McLean.

Dylan R. Douglas and Erin M. Douglas to Glen A. Newey and Patricia Newey.

Diane H. Philbrick Living Trust to Bryan MacLaren and Faith MacLaren.