Eli Hess, Freedom’s Regional School Unit 3 school board representative, reported that the May 26 public hearing went well. Attendees were shown plans for the new Operations Center, and were shown the current bus garage’s deteriorating condition.

Superintendent Charles Brown reviewed with attendees the proposed RSU 3 budget and Operations Center budget. Selectman Ron Price moderated the public hearing, at which all 23 articles passed without any amendments. Eli said that “the public asked good questions about student enrollment, budgetary figures, state funding vs. local funding,” and was pleased that no one questioned the “integrity or the intent of the proposed budget.”

Former longtime Freedom resident Hazel Cross will celebrate her 99th birthday on June 14. Her family encourages friends, family, and strangers alike to send her well wishes and birthday cards. Cards can be mailed to Hazel Cross, Halldale Manor, 647 Maine Ave., Farmingdale, ME 04344.

Now to pick up on my new resident interview series. Like Eli, I met Rene through the town Charter Commission, on which he is an active and enthusiastic participant. He moved to Freedom in 2021. Unlike Eli, he comes from right next door — a small, 3,000-person town called Dunbarton, New Hampshire.

He was involved in Dunbarton’s government, and notes that Freedom, “a refreshingly friendly and low-key community,” has an “ informal and interactive” relationship between residents and town committees. He said “there appears to be a high level of trust between the community and its Select Board, town clerk, and various other boards working on behalf of the town.”

Rene lives near Freedom Pond with his wife, Katie, and thinks “the pond and the whole agricultural area is beautiful.” They look forward to meeting new neighbors and getting involved in social activities.

Do you know of any other recent transplants who wouldn’t mind sharing their story? If so, let me know!