STOCKTON SPRINGS — American Solartechnics Cars’ warehouse in Stockton Springs caught fire Sunday, June 5, according to Stockton Springs Fire Department Assistant Fire Chief Darrin Moody. First responders were called to the scene around 5 p.m., where they found the metal structure on fire.

Crews had to cut two holes in the building to attack the fire because it was too dangerous to enter the warehouse, Moody said.

The structure was still in good shape after the fire was put out, Moody said. The primary material burned was foam insulation on the walls and the plywood on top of that. “The actual building is still actually pretty sound,” he said.

The assistant chief does not suspect any foul play, he said. He still does not know what caused the fire but suspected it might have been triggered by a lithium battery.

American Solartechnics issued a statement on Facebook that the fire is not related to any hybrid battery packs or individual modules. According to the post, the business has traced the cause to an 18-volt cordless tool charger.

The shop is not accepting any service work for the foreseeable future, according to the Facebook post. However it is still open for business and sale.

“A big Thank You to all the first responders; they arrived insanely fast and moved with a brutal efficiency that was beyond impressive, and contained, controlled and extinguished the fire in short order,” the company said in its Facebook post.

There were no reported injuries, Moody said. Fire crews from Prospect, Searsport and West Frankfort provided mutual aid.