SEARSPORT — Searsport District High School seniors came together to pull a prank that left the school’s parking lot barely navigable Friday, June 3, with badly parked cars and some cars with hoods raised. There was also a washing machine filled with cement left in the parking lot.

Cars sit in a disorderly fashion in the Searsport District High School’s parking lot June 3 as part of a senior prank. Courtesy of Max Provencher

The seniors wanted to do something that was fun but would not get them in a lot of trouble, senior Max Provencher said. School officials seemed to take the joke lightly and nobody got in trouble. He described his class as very mischievous but also tight-knit. “Our class has always been the class to compete in March Madness harder than anybody else, which is like our school spirit week,” he said.

Members of the graduating class of 34 knew they wanted to pull a prank since the beginning of the school year, he said. So, they searched the internet for ideas and finally landed on the bad parking and cement-filled washing machine ideas, with only three days left of school.

“We kinda liked that idea because it’s not hurting anyone, not really any vandalism,” Max said.

There were about 20 seniors and five underclassmen who participated in the prank, he said. “Basically anybody that drove a car we invited to come join us, which made it more fun.”

The students all had a chance to take a photo around the washing machine, which had “Class of 2022” written on it, he said.

Graduation does not feel real to him yet, but he knows that he and his classmates will miss the school and each other after graduation, he said. The students have been through a lot in their high school careers, with COVID-19 shutdowns and restrictions.

“A lot of people say ‘oh, you know I’m not going to miss Searsport,’ but they are,” he said, “they are going to miss Searsport and they’re going to miss our class because I think our class is one of the tightest of the past several years because we’ve been through so much together.”

Regional School Unit 20 seniors will graduate from the high school Thursday, June 9.