The following deed transfers were recorded from May 26 through June 01 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


Torey A. Benjamin to Christle Family Revocable Trust.

Julia K. Daley to Erica E. James.


Karen Canali to Scott E. Conner and Jillian E. Conner.


Ashli A. Pelletier to Ashli A. Pelletier and John D. Pelletier.

Rodney A. Bradeen, Anne O. Bradeen and E. Anne Bradeen to Karen Demo.

Frederick G. and Suzanne W. Schlapp Revocable Trust Agreement to Jack Awald and Debra S. Awald.


Sarah M. Rainey and Daniel J. Rainey to Carrie A. Milner.


Patricia Lamperta and Gary Lamperta to Patricia Lamperta, Gary Lamperta and Jacelyn Lappin.

Amber M. Davis to Samuel H. Davis, Doreen M. Davis and Heather N. Davis.


Arthur F. Grinnell Jr. and Kimberly S. Grinnell to Chelsea Cates.

Robert J. Harrington and Amalia M. Harrington to Austin J. Coleman and Ashley E. Regan.


New ERA 2014 LLC to Rebekah L. Hinds and Bryan S. Hinds.

Cathy Hardy to Janet Bowen.

Karen Hardy to Robert Beloin.

Shannon Cockayne, Shannon Corr and Derron Cockayne to Patricia Anderson Revocable Trust of 2008.

Sandra Sears Trust to 70 Camden Road LLC and Seventy Camden Road LLC.


Ernest Saraiva to Ernest Saraiva and Dixie Saraiva.

Ernest Saraiva and Dixie Saraiva to Lauren Giroux and Richard Giroux.

Roger E. Drew Jr. and Brenda J. Drew to Linda Lea Hussey and Evert James Hussey.


Town of Northport to Camp Wobigo LLC.


Daja Gombojav to Judith Van Norman.

Sharon A. Ramsay Est. and Sharon A. Ramsey Est. to Frank L. Woodworth.


Dana A. Paul to Paul Family Living Trust.


David George Bolduc Est. to Matthew D. Bolduc and Lucas W. Bolduc.

Matthew D. Bolduc and Lucas W. Bolduc to Matthew D. Bolduc and Lucas W. Bolduc.


Paul E. Bushey, Mary L. Beba, Mark J. Bushey and Anne G. Mackin to Joseph Bushey and Andrew Bushey.

Rosamond C. Peters and Ronald M. Mitchell Jr. to Joshua T. Knipping and Shelley K. Farris.


Village At Depot Crossing LLC to Highball Holding LLC.

David F. Stevens to Christopher L. Mayhew and Megan J. Mayhew.


Jeanne Cochrane and Paul Cochrane to John R. Guy and Becky M. Bundy.

Oliphant Enterprises LLC to Katherine M. Riposta and Jojo Oliphant.


Kaleb Bridges to Michael Bridges and Brianna Farrington.

Peter D. Wrenn and Mary K. Wren to Randal Ice.

Town of Winterport to Dale Noyes.

Town of Winterport to Samuel J. Nesbitt Jr.

Town of Winterport to Dale Noyes.