The Searsport, Belfast and Thorndike school systems all have proposed budgets that are higher overall than last year’s.

Regional School Unit 20 is proposing a $10,645,484 budget this year, a 7.16% increase compared to the overall $9,934,650 budget approved last year.

The state share of the budget this year is $3,284,839.73, a 4.6% increase from last year’s state component of $3,140,358.10.

Searsport’s portion of the budget is assessed at $3,478,767 this year, a 4.9% increase compared to the $3,315,335 it was assessed at last year. Stockton Springs’ share is assessed at $2,427,622, a 0.9% increase compared to last year’s $2,406,953 assessment.

Regional School Unit 71’s overall budget this year is $29,481,327.32, a 2.8% increase compared to last year’s $28,684,417.69 budget.

This year the state will cover $11,096,177.05 of the district’s budget, up 3.5% over last year’s state share of $10,715,280.31.

The portion of the budget allocated to each RSU 71 town increased. Belfast’s share increased by 0.4%, Belmont’s share increased by 2.9%, Morrill’s share increased by 0.03%, Searsmont’s share increased by 2.3% and Swanville’s increased by 0.7%. The total town share is $15,676,217.08, a 0.8% increase from last year’s $15,545,464.23 allocation.

Regional School Unit 3 is proposing an overall budget of $20,516,900, up 1.2% compared to last year’s $20,276,900 total.

The state’s share of this year’s budget is $9,564,606.99, 5.2% higher than last year’s $10,089,729 allotment.

The portion of the budget each town pays increased in every RSU 3 town. Brooks’ share increased by 9.6%, Freedom’s by 8.7%, Jackson’s by 9.1%, Knox’s by 5.4%, Liberty’s by 9.9%, Monroe’s by 8.7%, Montville’s by 8.1%, Thorndike’s by 9.9%, Troy’s by 9%, Unity’s by 6.3% and Waldo’s by 9.8%.

Overall, the towns’ shares total $9,545,293, an 8.5% increase over the $8,801,171 the RSU 3 towns paid last year.

Residents in towns from each school district will vote on the budget proposals during the primary election Tuesday, June 14.

This story has been updated to reflect the accurate increase for what the state and town’s must cover for the RSU 71 budget based on a document from the district with updated figures.

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