Condolences to the family and friends of Gerald Fowler. He will be missed by many. Rest in peace, Gerald.

Condolences to the family and friends of Edna Bither. She used to live in Thorndike several years ago.  She was always nice to all of us “kids” in town. She will be lovingly remembered by many.

Reminder that the new Town Office hours are as follows: Monday, 8 a.m.-2 p.m.; Tuesday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.; Wednesday, noon-6 p.m.; Thursday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.; closed on Friday and will be open the second Saturday of each month, 8 a.m.-noon. The next Saturday hours will be on July 9, 8 a.m.-noon.

Hope everyone gets out and votes on June 14.  Do the rest of the voters in your party agree with you? We will see how it goes in November.

There is going to be a super summer session at Mount View High School. Keep the learning going!  June 13, 14 and 15, Computer Skills; June 20, 21 and 22, College Prep; June 27, 28 and 29, Career Prep;  July 11, 12 and 13, Career Testing; four weeks, 11 a.m.-3 p.m., is High School Diploma
Completion, Mondays, live@MVHS. Enroll today. Tuesdays, Live Zoom, and Wednesdays, Live Zoom.  Email adulted@rsu3.org or call 568- 3426.

On Sunday, June 26, noon until 2 p.m., Dirigo Grange will be conducting their Drive-thru Strawberry Festival in the parking lot of the former Ridge Top Diner. $5 per serving of strawberries, cake and whipped cream.  Come out and support your local Grange.

A belated happy birthday to Papa Dixon. He came out and had a nice gazebo visit with Dustin. And the stories were flowing, along with lots of laughter!

Well, we got some rain, now the sun is shining and the gardens should be growing. I guess that means the weeds, too!

David Gaeber is quoted as saying, “The more obviously one’s work benefits other people, the less one is likely to be paid for it.”

Have a great week, go for a walk and enjoy all that nature has to offer.