AUGUSTA — The Kennebec Valley Athletic Conference unveiled its all-conference and all-academic selections for the 2022 spring season, as a bevy of area student-athletes were honored for their efforts on the diamond, court, track, field and in the classroom.

Locally, high school athletes from Oceanside of Rockland, Camden Hills of Rockport, Belfast, Medomak Valley of Waldoboro and Mount View of Thorndike were recognized, as one player and one coach — Camden Hills’ Ezra LeMole and Noah Capetta — earned player- and coach-of-the-year honors in Class A boys tennis.

For the league, there are Class A and B divisions.

Mount View competes in Class C; however, the Mustangs are recognized for awards in Class B.

The following are athletes and coaches who nabbed all-conference and all-academic accolades:


Class A second team — Camden Hills’ Hunter Norton and Liam O’Neal.

Class A all-academic — Camden Hills’ Mason Chadwick, Ryan Clifford, Joseph Coffey, Hunter Norton and Adrian Pierce.

Class B first team — Mount View’s Noah Hurd; Oceanside’s Connor Calderwood; and Medomak Valley’s Matthew Holbrook.

Class B second team — Mount View’s Declan Knowlton.

Class B all-academic — Belfast’s Elias Howard; Medomak Valley’s Garret Hutchins; Mount View’s Draedyn Furrow and Mia Rae; and Oceanside’s Austin Chilles.


Class A second team — Camden Hills’ Alyssa Bland.

Class A all-academic — Camden Hills’ Reygan Andreaus, Alyssa Bland, Olivia Brown, Lattie Luce, Olivia Ogier, Kennedy Peterson and Lillia Stone.

Class B first team — Medomak Valley’s Alyssa Creamer; and Belfast’s Hayle Withee.

Class B second team — Medomak Valley’s Madi Boynton; Mount View’s Hannah Coolen; and Oceanside’s Ava Philbrook.

Class B all-academic — Belfast’s Lexi Hopkins; Medomak Valley’s Emylee Bryant, Alyssa Creamer, Eliza Spear and Grace White; Mount View’s Hannah Coolen and Madeline Holmes; and Oceanside’s Madison Benner and Grace Pratt.

Girls lacrosse

Second team (small school) — Oceanside’s Lily Stackpole and Martina Straka.

All-academic — Camden Hills’ Eliana Cortese, Leanna Cotton, Alyson Farrington, Anna Griebel, Elsie Hildreth, Hailey Jones and Ella Powers; and Oceanside’s Mareh Willis.

Boys lacrosse

First team (large school) — Camden Hills’ Willy Doehla, Jackson Fitch, Owen Cooper and Elias Libby.

Second team (large school) — Camden Hills’ Rory Carlson and Cam Powell.

All-academic — Camden Hills’ Rory Carlson, Owen Cooper, Oliver Dietter, Eben Fagonde, Jackson Fitch, Elias Libby and Vanya Perevalov.

Boys track and field

First team (small school) — Belfast’s Nick Ritchie.

Second team (small school) — Belfast’s Andrew Abelon, Chandler Patterson, Kaden Bonin, Lucas Newsom and Westley Dyer; and Oceanside’s Aiden Sergent.

First team (medium school) — Medomak Valley’s Noah Morris.

Second team (medium school) — Camden Hills’ Miles Murray and Zachary Clement; and Medomak Valley’s Josiah Hays and Will Rush.

All-academic — Mount View’s Dawson Bierwas; and Oceanside’s Deklin Fitzgerald, Devin Guptill, Ryan Lynch and Andrew Peaco.

Girls track and field

Second team (small school) — Belfast’s Emma Waldron, Iris Carpenter, Juniper Fowler and Meara Mcvearry.

First team (medium school) — Camden Hills’ Allison Gill, Amelia Johnson, Charlotte Hood, Isabella Anderson, Kailin Fuller, Kathryn Thorn and Lily Stowe; and Medomak Valley’s Amber Pendleton, Annie Vannoy, Katherine McKenney and Zaniah Puchalski.

Second team (medium school) — Medomak Valley’s Emily Mahoney.

All-academic — Mount View’s Kayla Holcomb and Cali Warren; Belfast’s Natalie Curry and Ada Potter; Medomak Valley’s Cameron Bains, Elizabeth Bowman, Taylor Cox, Morgan Flanders, Molly Jennings, Emily Mahoney, Zaniah Puchalski, Kassi Soule and Annie Vannoy; and Camden Hills’ Alma Bournival, Allison Gill and Charlotte Hood.

Boys tennis

Class A first team — Camden Hills’ Ezra LeMole, Lincoln Pierce, Noah Thackeray, Alex Todd and Sam Van Lonkhuysen.

Class A second team — Camden Hills’ Wilson Fedarko and Liam O’Dwyer.

Player of the year — Camden Hills’ Ezra LeMole.

Coach of the year — Camden Hills’ Noah Capetta.

Class A all-academic — Camden Hills’ Will Jurek, Elza LeMole, Lincoln Pierce and Noah Thackeray.

Class B second team — Medomak Valley’s Isaac Swain, Zan Nguyen, Vishal Mellor and Kory Donlin.

Class B all-academic — Belfast’s Matthew Sheldon and Zuber Yacoe; Medomak Valley’s Noah Ludwig, Addison Mellor and Kylar Potter; and Oceanside’s Michael Frost, Colin Landry and Brady Marchessault.

Girls tennis

Class A first team — Camden Hills’ Hattie Moss.

Class A second team — Camden Hills’ Amelia Wold and Ilanna Lam.

Class A all-academic — Camden Hills’ Mila Bonometti and Charlotte Taylor.

Class B all-academic — Belfast’s Zooz Al-Matrouk, Sarah Cournoyer, Josephine Cowles, Lemon Taylor, Michaela Newton and Anna Schortz; and Medomak Valley’s Baylee Stewart and Elizabeth Swan.

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