BELFAST — The Sunflower Circle Song Series below the Belfast City Park Playground continues Friday, July 1, from 4 to 6 p.m. with a “Tunes & Trowel” session with Honeybound. The musical trio is made up of Jen Buttery on fiddle, Jimmy Stewart on guitar, and Nate Podsiadlo on mandolin.

Bring a trowel, sun hat and water bottle…and maybe a dinner picnic! Come help Belfast be beautiful, and enjoy some tunes while doing community gardening. All ages are welcome at this free event. Participants can watch the sunflowers they tend grow throughout the summer.

Keep an eye out for more offerings throughout the summer: more “Tunes & Trowel” times for garden tending, “Seaweed & Shanties” for mulch collecting on the shore, and “Sunflower Songs & Stories” for the littlest gardeners once the garden is blooming. Visit @JoyfulBodies on Facebook and click on “Events.”

For more information, contact Chelsea at 207-504-0813 or