Delighted to vote for Dodge

I met Jan when she was first running for office in Augusta. I was “hooked.”  I had been involved with trying to ensure our town of Northport continue to recycle, and was volunteering for hospice and  Restorative Justice.  I had also campaigned for Ranked Choice Voting and Death with Dignity, both of which had become law.  Jan listened to my interests and passions, and asked if I would be sure to keep in touch with her on those topics.

To my great pleasure, she took my letters and emails on these and other topics, and never failed to seek me out when she was in my vicinity to let me know where legislation was on topics about which I’d contacted her.  Jan communicated in such a friendly, caring and supportive manner that I felt I could count on her to do the right thing for our neighbors and the state of Maine.

Jan is running for a third term, and I will be delighted to vote for her again.

Karen Gleeson


Kudos to the city for installation of chargers

The city should be proud of itself — one of the first municipalities in our region to welcome electric and plugin-hybrid cars with two free level 2 chargers on Beaver Street. Now the transition to paid chargers at the Foot Bridge is a step in the right direction, but these are still just Level 2, not fast DC chargers that are offered by private companies like Electrify America or Tesla.

The next expansion on that success would be a municipal — commercial collaboration on Fast DC charging, level 3. Belfast is well located at the junction of routes 1 and 3, two major thoroughfares connecting Midcoast Maine, inland and Down East.

There are opportunities at Reny’s Plaza and on the other side of Route 3 for a multi-stall 150kw to 300kw Fast DC charger station. The power infrastructure is there as well as internet for system management. There may be other locations in East Belfast but without the amenities of Main Street/Route 3 and proximity to downtown.

I fear that if Belfast does not take advantage of the federal and state funds to attract a competent commercial EV charging company at the nexus of routes 1 and 3, we will lose out to Bucksport (routes 1 and 1A) or Ellsworth, with its endless strip mall of failed businesses (routes 1, 1A, 3). At one of these locations a real Fast DC plaza is needed with up to eight stalls offering modern high-speed charging with close amenities.

Edward W. Earle