The following deed transfers were recorded from June 9 through June 15 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


Susan R. Woods and Joseph R. Woods to Robert L. Burns and Sigrid E. Berg.

Steven W. Garrand to Susan A. Cooney.

Perley E. Moulton Jr. to Roland A. Littlefield.

Roseann Costello to Christopher Hurley.

ORF Inc. and Whitecap Builders Inc. to Danielle Jacqueline and Christopher James White.


Raymond E. Cross Est. to Carrie A. Cross Est.


Vicky B. Call and Kendall Call to Joshua Trask and Jason O’Brien.

Michael J. Bickford to Jessica Casey.

Etta M. Moran Est. to Joy A. Frost and Michael L. Frost.

Roland Whitcomb and Joan Whitcomb to Kristy Baker and Brent A. Baker.


Lucille E. Tigges, Lucille Siegel and Lucille Bourne to Lucille Tigges, William F. Schoppe IV and Odesser M. Schoppe.


Joan E. Porter to Porter Family Irrevocable Trust.

Joan E. Porter to Porter Family Irrevocable Trust.


Maine Concerne Realty Trust to Barbara & Barry Woecester Irrevocable Trust.


Kavita Mohan and Shantanu Lal to 38 Shag Rock Point LLC and Thirty Eight Shag Rock Point LLC.


Gregory E. Morrison to Paula Urbach.

Helen E. Graney to Mary Jo Abbott and Helen E. Graney.


Rasha El-Jaroudi to Gwendolyn Lee Huntoon.


Walter W. Wetmore and Mirra Kohlmoos to Bears Old Time Garage LLC.

Jillian Roes, Jill M. Artkop and Lillian M. Roes to Angela L. Reed and Jeremy W. Allen.


Lori Jean Pearson to Narie Justine Mueller and Zachary Peter Mueller.

Robert Kenneth Bowen and Sandra J. Bowen to James Edward Jack Reeves Eyre and Jodi Reeves Eyre.

Kathleen L. Whippen and Roy F. Whippen to Joseph Hamilton Watts.


Joseph H. Bryant Jr. Living Trust to Torie H. Patterson and Julie E. Patterson.

Joseph H. Bryant Jr. Living Trust to M A Lewis Appraisals LLC.

Gerald Ware Fowler and Gerald W. Fowler II to Robbins Lumber Inc.

Gerald W. Fowler and Stephen Fowler to Robbins Lumber LLC.


Mary Ann Haliw to Lora C. Haliw.


Sharon Morton, Harrison Manley and Sharon Manley to Mary Manley.


Dorothy Grindle Curtis and Dorothy L. Grindle to William Hightower.


Julie A. McCluskey and Edward J. McCluskey to John Walker.

Jimmy Lewis, Autumn Harvey, Autumn King and Lynne Harvey to Benjamin Harvey, Autumn Harvey and Lynn Harvey.

Michael E. Baldacci and June A. Baldacci to EMJ Baldacci Irrevocable Trust.

John Walker to Skye Ellis.

John Walker to Richard J. Cote and Karen Cote.

John Walker to William Oliver.