UNITY — Residents in Regional School Unit 3 towns approved both the school budget and a proposed new operations center in the June 14 Primary Election.

Of the 1,212 residents who voted in the election, 675 of them voted in favor of the proposal and 537 voted against it. The district proposes to use up to $1.8 million in Capital Reserve Funds and American Rescue Plan funds through the Elementary and Secondary School emergency Relief Fund to construct the new building, according to information on the district’s website.

The district proposes to replace the current bus garage, increase space and efficiency for bus and van repairs, create a safer work environment and increase storage for supplies, according to the website. The current building has cracks in the floor, leaning and rotting walls, tripping hazards and unsafe storage conditions. The current bus garage is 2 degrees off-center.

Residents also approved the district budget, 713-470. The overall approved budget is up 1.2% compared to last year, to $20,516,900 from $20,279,900 last year. Overall, the towns’ share of the budget is $9,545,293 this year, up 8.5% compared to last year’s $8,801,171.

Ashleigh Eastham was elected to the Board of Directors for three years to the at-large seat. Jonathan Lorenz was elected to seat six on the board for three years, Todd Garnett to seat seven for two years, Kristin Blanchard to seat eight for three years, and Tracy Marcouillier to seat nine for three years.