LINCOLNVILLE — Penobscot Park, policies and priorities were all featured topics at the Lincolnville Select Board meeting on June 27.

After welcoming newly elected Stephen Hand to the board, Chair Ladleah Dunn noted the need for the board to prioritize projects.

“There’s a lot going on right now,” Dunn said. “I think we should get together to discuss priorities and how best to move forward on the work the voters have approved.”

One of those projects is the renovation of Penobscot Park. The park is not open but will be once renovation is finished. Public Facilities Director David Roundy noted work had begun removing hazardous trees, identifying and eradicating invasive species, and regrading the trail.

Town Administrator David Kinney added that new picnic tables and benches would be ordered, along with a lockable, glass enclosure for signage.

Several Penobscot Park abutters noted the entrance to the park is difficult for motorists to see. Lincolnville Fire Chief Don Fullington informed the board there had been several motor vehicle accidents in that area. Roundy advised the board his department would be working to address those concerns.

The Select Board accepted the anonymous donation of a bench for the park before addressing several recommendations regarding park management.

Board members approved park opening (30 minutes prior to sunrise) and closing times (30 minutes after sunset).

They also approved park policies that require dogs to be on a leash, prohibit large domestic animals, and establish carry-in, carry-out rules for trash and dog waste. The board also approved recommendations prohibiting all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles and alcoholic beverages.

In other business, Kinney gave updates on the town audit and the replacement of the Beach Fire Station.

The audit, Kinney said, should arrive “sometime very soon.” Selectman Keryn Laite expressed frustration with the delay.

“(The delay) was probably caused by the school,” Laite said. “They couldn’t seem to provide the (financial records) needed. I’m not happy with the schools’ response to the audit.”

Kinney said the town was ready to solicit design proposals for replacement of the Beach Fire Station.

Chief Fullington advised the building should be a two-bay facility that will allow the town to store existing equipment efficiently while maintaining an eye to the future.

“(Fire) trucks are getting bigger,” Fullington said. “We also don’t know how much space we’ll need in 20 or 30 years. Having two bays would help with that.”

The board also addressed the topic of livestreaming all Lincolnville committee and commission meetings. Members considered holding a workshop for further exploration into how that could be managed.

“I want to find a way to get more residents involved what we’re doing” Ray said. Dunn agreed, adding, “We need a policy regarding livestreaming and social media.”

Earlier in the evening board members listened as residents described difficult parking conditions at Lincolnville Beach.

Jordan Barnett-Parker and Luanne Wright noted several factors may be involved.

“People going to (Islesboro) park in the spots by the beach instead of using the permitted spots,” Wright said. “The (ferry service) is double-booking the permitted spots. There’s just nowhere to park.”

Barnett-Parker expressed the same frustration. “We hope that you (the board) will have more pull with the state.”

The next meeting of the Lincolnville Select Board will be Monday, July 11, at 5 p.m. It will begin with a site walk at Penobscot Park.