The following deed transfers were recorded from June 16 through June 22 at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


Daniel J. Ladd and Maureen G. Ladd to Louie Clegg.

Virginia Throckmorton and Virginia Throckmorton Brimmer to Evan Hutchins and Alana Hutchins.

Joel Smith and Anna Smith to Philip Henry Matthews Jr. and Jacqueline Matthews.


Edna F. Hanscom to Steven W. Hanscom.


Christina E. Cousley and Christina E. Maddocks to John Larrabee and Kellie Harris.


Beverly F. Chase and Mary Ann Allen to Timothy A. Lovely.

Peter M. Brower to Kent B. Fenneuf.


Kent Whitten and Dorilyn Whitten to Alexander L. Baker and Susan J. Baker.

James H. Patrick and Cynthia A. Patrick to Maine Coast Heritage Trust.

Pamela Day and Robert G. Chavaree to Joseph Nason.


David J. Spencer to Catherine L. Bagley.


Crow Cove LLC to Nakomis Nelson.

Alice S. Feltz Trust to Maynard Hall.


David W. St. Clair and Sandra L. St. Clair to Cassandra Horton.

Steven A. Ahern to Michael Bickley Caron.

Jane Bernier and Gerald Bernier to Daniel Keeport, Melissa Keeport, Russell Kizor and Jennifer Paul.

Nancy I. Melching Living Trust to John F. Welch and Constance H. Welch.

Barbara & Barry Worcester Irrevocable Trust to Benjamin Pearse.


Dorothy M. Lee Living Trust to Kathleen P. Bird and Sheldon K. Bird.

Richard J. Vaillancourt Est. to Constance R. Vaillancourt.


Shawn R. Williams to Lindsay Fae Johnston-Fennell and Erin Grace Johnston-Fennell.


Wendall A. Ward and Beth B. Wad to Kent R. Bradstreet.


Nicholas T. Morse to James Arsenault and Jennifer Hoover.


Lyndon K. Potter to Olivia T. Roberts.

Dorothy A. Shorey to Rodney Durgin Stanley and Rodney Durgin Cust Stanley.


Joseph Starkey to Benjamin R. Buffington.

Jerrald R. Deredin and Amber L. Brush to Keith Allen Ashey.


Lucy Z. Garbus to Peter N. Mareck.


Silver Leaf Development Corporation to David A. Goldschmitt.


Joan Louise Milsovic Living Trust to Peter G. Kranz and Natalie M. Kranz.

Equity Trust Company Cust to Jeff Suck and Lisa Suck.

Marvin Lipousky and Betty J. Lipousky to Casey Guise.

Maureen Fischer and Robert Fischer to Mark Mallory and Rebecca Mallory.

Richard M. Shaw, Richard H. Shaw and Katherine B. Shaw to Arthur Paul Protos and Marilyn M. Protos.

Rhonda B. Wood to Rhonda B. Wood and Jeffrey D. Wood.

Rhonda Bishop Wood and Jeffrey D. Wood to Maddie Slack and Hannah Slack.


Karen M. Blake to Sara Katherine Bell and Rolu Creekmore Kanard.


Robert M. Carter to Eric N. Duffin

Roger E. Drew to Zechariah E. Musselman and Tess M. Musselman.


Joan E. Dotson to Joan E. Dotson Revocable Trust.

Charles F. Hahn to Charlene Read.

Bonnie Hahn to Charlene Read.

Nancy Kostovick to Charlene Read


Kelly B. Danforth to Andrew Picard and Michelle Picard.

Stephanie L. Burby to Ronald R. Spearing.

Deven Troy Emerson to Jack Rocco Valles.

John Walker to William J. Crawford and Maia A. Crawford.


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