BELFAST — Shoreline property owners along Belfast’s harbor and bay are invited to a public meeting Wednesday, July 6, 4 to 6 p.m. at the Belfast Boathouse, 34 Commercial St., to discuss the coming challenges presented by changing weather.

The meeting is being facilitated by the city of Belfast Climate Crisis Committee, an advisory committee to the City Council.

Guest experts on hand will be Peter Slovinsky, Maine Geological Survey, author of “Maine Coastal Property Owner’s Guide to Erosion, Flooding, and Other Hazards”;  Bub Fournier and Jon Boynton from the city’s Planning and Codes Department;  and William Gartley of Gartley & Dorsky, an engineering firm with extensive experience in residential, commercial and landscape-scale projects along the Midcoast shoreline. Each will give a brief presentation.

The bulk of the meeting will be open to questions and thoughts from the attendees for a general discussion of challenges expected in the future. Detailed Geographic Information Systems maps and website links to resources for property owners will also be provided.

The purpose of the meeting is to begin a dialogue about the conditions shoreline property owners can expect in the future, and options for dealing with them equitably. The primary audience will be Belfast shoreline property owners of record. Others are welcome.