The big news this week is that Wentworth’s Family Grocery store has closed. This happened without warning, catching residents by surprise. What’s worse, no one knows exactly why the store closed. It certainly appeared that there was sufficient business, since the store was usually quite busy.

The store was a gathering place for the community, at least that part of the community living in the eastern part of town. The loss of the store has changed may people’s routines. There was a robust breakfast crowd, as well as a lunchtime crowd. Offerings were varied and tasty.

I have found myself headed to the store numerous times lately, only to remember that it was closed. The store supplied all those little things that make life easier, and it also featured a good selection of high-quality meats and regular staples.

The loss of the store is a loss to everyone and we all hope that something positive happens soon so that we can once again have a local convenience store to supply our needs.

Celtic music concert

I will put on a Celtic music concert on Saturday, July 16, at 1 p.m., at Holbrook Island State Park and Wildlife Sanctuary in Brooksville. For those who never visited Holbrook, it is an unsung jewel, remote and scenic, with a cliffside trail along the ocean, a small mountain, hiking trails, a beach and a large green, which is where I’ll hold my concert.

For instruments, expect to hear Uilleann pipes (bellows-blown Irish bagpipes), whistle, bodhran (Irish drum played with a single beater), English concertina, Irish tenor banjo and pipe-and-tabor (one-man fife-and-drum). I may also add Northumbrian (English) bagpipes and perhaps a few harp tunes played on guitar.

Weekly quote

“To be honest, as this world goes, is to be one man pick’d out of ten thousand.” — Hamlet, by William Shakespeare