Strawberry season! I made two batches of jam and had some extra to make my husband some strawberry sauce for his ice cream. I don’t pick my own. I got mine pre-picked at Muller’s (formerly Shartner’s) in Thorndike. While I was there I also bought a large dark blue delphinium to transplant into one of my flower gardens.

Community Yard Sale! Saturday, July 9, 9 a.m.-2 p.m. (coincides with The Market of Unity), Unity Town Office. No cost! BYO table and chair. 10×10 space. Carry in. Carry out. Please call the Unity Town Office to reserve your space, 948-3763. There are still plenty of spaces and you do not need to be a Unity resident to reserve a space.

As reported in a recent press release from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, significant numbers of dead or dying seabirds have been found on some of our coastal beaches. These deaths may be the result of an avian influenza virus, or there may be other contributing factors. Sick birds that are still alive on beaches often have neurological symptoms such as wobbling, circling, head tilts or tremors, or even seizures. There is no treatment for this condition, which seems to progress rapidly toward death once neurological symptoms develop. Therefore, sadly, we are not able to help them.

Any sick Eiders or other kinds of sea or shore birds found sick on beaches, should be reported to IF&W by calling 207-287-8000. Other kinds of birds with similar neurological signs may also be found inland. Because the cause of the problem may or may not be avian influenza, such birds should be reported to Avian Haven, so that they can assess the situation and decide whether rescue is appropriate. Following any contact with a wild bird, remember to wash your hands. Please call them at 207-382-6761 regarding any wild birds that seem to be orphaned or injured.

Do you have a cat that needs to be fixed? WAHS has availability for their spay/neuter clinics at the Waterville Humane Society on select Thursdays. Pricing is $30 for males and $50 for females if you live in one of the following towns: Burnham, Freedom, Troy or Unity. Please send them a text message to 207-517-9974 if you’d like to schedule an appointment. Payment is due in full at the time of scheduling.

Most locals know it as Brier’s Beach, the sandy beach located off the Marina Road. The previous owners allowed the public to use it; it was sold last year and is no longer “open to the public.’. Please heed the “No Trespassing” signs.

Kanokolus is the town-owned beach and boat launch, located at the end of Kanokolus Road. It’s rockier, but does have a swimming dock, picnic tables, grills and some play equipment. No fee. There is a separate dog area to the right of the boat launch as you’re looking at the lake. Please pick up after your dog. Remember there is no swimming near the boat launch (as it poses a danger) or fishing from either dock.

If you are “technologically challenged” you can bring your phone, iPad, tablet, or computer to the Unity Public Library every Tuesday, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m., for help. Check out their Facebook page for upcoming events. They are a very community-driven organization with lots of activities for children and adults.

If you’re not in the habit of locking up your car or outbuildings, you may want to consider doing so; there have been a multitude of reported break-ins lately.



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