My apologies for not having a column last week. I was a little frazzled from a 28-hour, overnight, there-and-back road trip to Virginia to pick up a couple of pieces of furniture in a storage unit.

Catherine and I recently went to the “Stone Tree Farm and Cidery,” with two of her friends, for a hard cider/wine tasting. I highly recommend going to this cidery to those who have never been. They had an eclectic array of flavors, like cherry and apple, and “slushy” wine. We then heard about a food truck at the Freedom Edge’s Cidery only a few miles down the road. The synergy between the two locations was seamless.

Would any of us believed someone 10 or 15 years ago if they said there would be two new hard cidery businesses within a short loop around the Freedom area (and I’m not even including those in Liberty). Crazy!

Last weekend, Catherine and I also stopped by the Dirigo Grange strawberry shortcake sale, held in the Ridgetop parking lot. Thank you, Dirigo ladies, for sitting out there in the baking sun and humidity to raise money for the Grange.

Hope you all had a great Fourth of July weekend!